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Simple village setting A very poor teacher stretching ends to meet living in a small room with a big window.This is the story of the couple s fascination with a pet elephant and his mahout Sadhu, a bluethroat bird, a nearby lake full of lotus and natural surroundings.Their imagination takes flight when they jump out through that window to enter a world of their own Magical realism The language is very simple But the narration is very much abstract and vague which is why it would have won the Sahitya Akademi I guess and which is why I couldn t like it much. Best thing about the book is its style of narration, its language, that deals with articulating subtle and sinuous often contradictory ways of human thought , told through the innocuous characters of Raghuvar Prasad and his wife Sonasi The story has several moments that tickle you and perhaps bring you to chuckle over it as well The only thing I did not like about the book was its pretension of trying to be a regular novel of story where there was none At times, the repetitiveness of plot begins to bore to the hilt If only, author had still further reduced the size of an already short novella , it might have had fared better In short , an amazing narration style and innocuous characters make this book a worth read , but overall book has the deficiency of overdoing the good thing , and going nowhere with that Read it if you are a regular Hindi novel reader, to enjoy its lyrical prose, that is all to it. It made me laugh out loud several times, touched my heart, made me pine for the window and the world beyond it but left me unsatisfied in the end.Vinod Kumar Shukl have a style of writing like none other Some of those sentences are so much fun to read again and again His device of characters saying one thing and listening another is also very interesting There is no plot here This book is all slice of life and the craft of the author. A classic of epic proportions The narration, the magic realism, the metaphors All in perfect Symphony to create this literary masterpiece Highly recommended, no matter what your favourite genre is ( EPUB ) ♫ दीवार में एक खिड़की रहती थी ⚕ Sahitya Akademi Winner of 1999, Vinod Kumar Shukla s apparently slight novel reaches into the depth of feeling Raghuvir Prasad and his wife Sonsi have for one another and for the world of lower middle class neighbours among whom they belong Their possessions are meagre the single room barely accommodates their bed, the water pot, the kitchen utensils and the tin box in which Sonsi keeps her precious things But there is a magical place beyond the window which sustains Raghuvir Prasad s and Sonsi s spirit This window lived in a wall. Fantastic writing and imagination Language used is extremely beautiful ,sometimes funny ,sometimes serious, connected to day today life if you read this book in one go then effect is magical realism is something I adore. A simple story of a simple man, his simple wife and their simple life and in between all of this, their simple love story.Prose which is poetry than prose, there is an elephant to ferry our Raghuvar prasad to colllege and back, there is a magical window which is this lower middle class couple s passage escape to magical world or dreams.An extraordinary book which describes ordinary but nonetheless interesting life of an innocent couple with such beauty and love that even reading it brings a certain calm and a faint smile to your lips This one and it s characters will stay with you for a long time.P.S Read this cause it was mentioned by Pankaj Tripathi in an interview with Anupama Chopra So thanks goes out to Him. Profound, refreshing and surreal.The dialogue is quirky and often said in a matter of fact manner There is a window beyond which lives a world where if you don t find the right means, you can go to work riding an elephant, befriend a monk, resurrect lost children, drink the sweetest water out of a purest stream, bathe in a lake where a swimming moon chases you through budding lotuses.The book is hilarious at times and often reminded me of Koreeda s films This is your childhood bed in your far away home, where you always find sleep hovering close at hand. Hands down, one of the best showcases of magical realism in Hindi literature. Story is simple and magical, I was glued to it till the end This book s title intrigued me and at the end it felt so good reading this book.