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This book was hugely helpful to me in understanding Republic and it provides excellent recommendations for further reading Pappas goes through Plato s text and numbers the parts of Plato s arguments, then uses the numbers in later chapters to link the development of ideas through the book I find this approach very helpful for explaining the tangents that appear throughout the dialogue and then relating the tangents to the main arguments presented by Thrasymachus and Plato s brothers. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here 1 The best book ever about philosophy topic and I think the adults must read it and suggest to the young people and every college must study it.I highly highly recommended to everyone who seek happiness justice and know politics A really great book on Plato s Republic, butthan a guidebook it does put forth an interpretation of Plato that is not always generally accepted Our professor constantly criticized Pappas for making certain arguments One should read this book with a critical mind As an introduction, aneutral book might be better. *Free Epub ↟ کتاب راهنمای جمهوری افلاطون ⇹ This Routledge Philosophy Guidebook introduces one of the greatest works of Western thought Plato s Republic The Republic is the most widely studied text in philosophy, and the arguments that Plato put forward in the Republic thanyears ago continue to influence debates in nearly all the human and social sciences familiarity with the text is essential for all students