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[Read Kindle] Î 盾の勇者の成り上がり 3 Ë ドラゴンゾンビの始末を終えた尚文、ラフタリア、フィーロの一行は、クラスアップのため『龍刻の砂時計』へと向かうことに。だがそこで、尚文はまたもや蔑(さげす)みの言葉を浴びせられることになる。「盾の勇者のクラスアップは不可能」という、王直々の指令が下っていたのだ。「なんで俺だけ……!?」不屈の意志で別の国へと向かう尚文だったが、折も折、そこで『第三の波』が起こってしまう。さらには第二王女と呼ばれる少女がついてきてしまい、「誘拐犯」の指名手配までされる始末。国から追われる身となった尚文の運命は如何に……!?邪魔するものは排除する! どんな障害も己の力で乗り越えていく、不屈の成り上がりファンタジー第三弾! The third volume of Shield Hero continues the story arc that begun in volume 2 Here we have the development of the dynamics between Naofumi and the other heroes, which is exploredcarefully as we begin to understand their different personalities and motivations Still, we see the world from Naofumi's eyes and so it's hard to actually sympathize with them.The heroes are fine, but it deeply bothered me before that characters like Malty and Aultcray seemed to be quite onedimensional this is somewhat engaged here and helps to add some depth to them (although I find it is still not very convincing) You can't really hate a character if their main motivation is to be mean to someone Maybe this will be addressedproperly later.Also, Naofumi gets another cute waifu for his team. I love this. There are better light novels then the Shield Hero series, still they are very much enjoyable I only wish the translation was better, at times it feelslike a fan translation then an official release. I'm glad I chose this series to start off my New Year's reading with I'm also beta reading something else right now and it's a good break from the DREADED WORK!!!