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Oh, Izaya, what have you gotten yourself into? Damn, the ending left me in complete shoooook! Yodogiri now better moves to another planet if he wants to escape from that sociopath's revengeI also felt quite bad for Kida, he is like Izayas little s*exdoll, that he uses whenever he feels like completely destroying something Izayas behavior towards Kida is crossing the line to chaotic evil! This volume 6 finishes the story started on 5 Finishes might be a strong word, it actually starts something bigger.And only Durarara!! would have secondary characters like Kadota, Shinra, Vorona take the center stage and not feel like a letdown.If anything, Mikado, Anri and Kida are the let down.I'll say it again Can't recommend Durarara!! enough! Intricate storytelling with awesome characters and a Pulp Fiction like back and forth between places and time. An interesting conclusion to the story arc started in book #5 There was so much going on that I plan to reread this book and the previous one I really do like how the characters are changing as the series progresses, and especially the dark emotional place Mikado is going I'm interested to see how the author will handle that in future books. There's a Sonohara I don't know in there. gotta admit this was written better than the anime all the way up to that sad depressingish for me ending book 7 is where I hit uncharted territory as I haven't seen the second half of season two after got stabbed #nospoilers onto volume 7. Forreviews and bookish content: went into this volume with so much hope that it would be better than the last but it was worse Perhaps that's because volume 5 and volume 6 follow a singular storyline and I'm just not interested in it at all.Durarara!! has always been a series with a large cast of characters, and that's part of what makes it fantastic Unfortunately the most boring characters snag a lot of the spotlight for this volume, just like the previous one Vorona and Sloan don't really interest me Mikado doesn't really interest me Anri doesn't really interest me So maybe I'm a little biased but it really felt like they could have used thevolatile characters a little .The chatroom was criminally underused in this volume I think we only get one or two scenes in it and barely any group interactions The chatroom is part of the charm of the series, and it sucks to see it just go unused I know that this is mainly because the plot takes place in such a short amount of time but it still left a bad taste in my mouth.At least the current plotline was tied up, and Rocchi is an interesting character It was good to get some focus on Kadota as well I know he has a lot of fangirls and he finally got to have some spotlight that wasn't overshadowed by his companions.I also liked the ending We finally gotof Izaya, and it ended on a twist that is sure to be relevant in the next volume It leaves me hopeful that I can enjoy this series still I was in love with the first four volumes but this one just really missed the mark for me. *Download Pdf ⇚ デュラララ!!×6 ↛ 池袋を舞台に繰り広げる歪んだ恋の物語!「彼は、平和島静雄。池袋で一番危ないって言われてる殺し屋なんだ──」臨也に嵌められ街を逃走しまくる静雄。自分の立ち位置を考えさせられる帝人。親友の苦境に今更になって気づく正臣。何も知らずに家出少女を連れ歩く杏里。先に待つ出来事を想像できなかった茜。黒バイクとの接触に興奮を隠せない女。一人悶えつつも帰りを待ち続ける新羅。思い通りに事を運ぼうと画策する青葉。ダラーズに意趣返しを繰り広げる千景。そして首なしライダーが救うのは──。池袋は今日も歪んだ想い達を包み込む。さあ、みんな一緒に、デュラララ!!× Wah~ This book may actually be sadder than Narita's バッカーノ!1710 Crack Flag even though no one died in this book It's a completely different kind of sad though, but every time the novel switched to Kidakun's perspective, I felt so sad (sadder than him) about how he couldn't return to the days with Mikado and Anri And that last scene with Mikado and Chikage and Kida's reaction to it Yeah, it was sad But yet, it was still a very good and enjoyable book, where everything slowly connected to show one single story line And the ending with Mikado's decision made me so excited as to what will happen next Wah~ Let's just same I'm super excited :D Naritasan has once again gone past my expectations and included the most screwed up twists humanly possible xD WOAH I'm so speechless Can't wait reading the next volume.