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cosa cazzo ho letto, voglio cavarmi gli occhi honestly started off bad and ended up alright, but again, not something I m proud of reading guilty pleasure reading is still reading though [ Read Book ] ♱ 飛んで火に入る夏のネコ [Tonde Hi ni Iru Narsu no Neko] ♀ In Gensei, where the ghosts reside, a beautiful bartender and his partner, a black cat named Gin, operate a bar Amongst those visiting the bar was Natsu a mythical twin tailed cat , who makes a living reporting gossip Despite this, he lives a life in povertyOne day, he meets a widely popular pornographer, Hyde Tsuchigumo While hoping to do a scoop exposing Hyde s mysterious private life, Natsu sneaks in as a housekeeper However, where he thought he would find a story, he instead finds his own body exposed through punishment with catnip and adult toys Also includes other oneshots