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|DOWNLOAD KINDLE ⚉ 3D Printing ♡ D Printing Second Edition is a major update of the highly popular D Printing The Next Industrial Revolution The book provides an extensive overview of all D printing technologies, together with a detailed analysis of the D printing industry, and broader predictions for future digital manufacturing Already it is possible to D print in hundreds of different plastic, metal and ceramic materials, with pioneers now D printing molds, aerospace components, jewelry, works of art, toys and medical devicesWhile traditionally D printing has been used for rapid prototyping, bymost things that are D printed will be industrial tooling or final products Already than half a million D printable files are listed on object sharing websites, with desktop D printers that can fabricate them priced fromMeanwhile doctors are learning how to bioprint replacement human organs D Printing Second Edition is written by Christopher Barnatt of ExplainingTheFuture The book features over one hundred interviews, examples and illustrations, and is a valuable resource for all enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, designers, investors and students who want to remain up to date with the Next Industrial RevolutionThe complete contents of the book are as follows Preface The Next Revolution explaining why D printing matters and its four key marketplaces D Printing Technologies detailing every technology on the market or in the lab The D Printing Industry a global overview of leading manufacturers, software providers and bureau services Direct Digital Manufacturing reporting on pioneers who are already D printing consumer products, industrial components and medical devices Personal Fabrication an overview of personal D printers, D scanners and the Maker Movement Bioprinting how research teams are working to D print replacement human body parts D Printing in Context how D printing, synthetic biology and nanotech will converge to enable local digital manufacturing Brave New World separating probable fact from science fiction to predict the real D printing futureGlossarykey terms and technologies precisely definedD Printing Directory a comprehensive listing of industrial and personal D printer manufacturers, software packages, bureau services and online object repositoriesFurther Reading