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I hate conceptual writing and utterly despise the modern day or should I say post modern day typical liberal college child mindset of incessantly pursuing very radical yet very uncreative ideas that create no meaning of any significant value or of any significant interest and are the hallmark of pseudo intellectuals That said, I genuinely enjoyed this book if only for the ideas and motivation it gave me to create my own work which unfortunately required me to devise projects along the same vein Do not purchase this book of course if you re buying it, it s probably because your professor requires you to do so under the presumption that you will enjoy reading it because despite the mass majority of my classmates being extremely radical liberals who condone and idolize these sorts of arts, I blatantly recall none of them ever enjoyed opening the book and I was good friends with many of them but keep in mind that this book has a lot of inspiration if only, to make you say, Hah, I can do better than this sorry excuse for manure Here, watch *Download Book ☟ Against Expression: An Anthology of Conceptual Writing ☔ In much the same way that photography forced painting to move in new directions, the advent of the World Wide Web, with its proliferation of easily transferable and manipulated text, forces us to think about writing, creativity, and the materiality of language in new ways In Against Expression, editors Craig Dworkin and Kenneth Goldsmith present the most innovative works responding to the challenges posed by these developments Charles Bernstein has described conceptual poetry as poetry pregnant with thought Against Expression, the premier anthology of conceptual writing, presents work that is by turns thoughtful, funny, provocative, and disturbing Dworkin and Goldsmith, two of the leading spokespersons and practitioners of conceptual writing, chart the trajectory of the conceptual aesthetic from early precursors including Samuel Beckett and Marcel Duchamp to the most prominent of today s writers Nearly all of the major avant garde groups of the past century are represented here, including Dada, OuLiPo, L A N G U A G E, and Flarf to name just a few, but all the writers are united in their imaginative appropriation of found and generated texts and their exploration of nonexpressive language Against Expression is a timely collection and an invaluable resource for readers and writers alike