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~Read Pdf ♱ Asimov's Science Fiction, March 2015 ⚕ CONTENTSNovella Inhuman Garbage By Kristine Kathryn RuschNovelettes Pareidolia By Kathleen Bartholomew And Kage Baker Twelve And Tag By Gregory Norman BossertShort Stories Tuesdays PartOfBy Suzanne Palmer Note This Story Was Originally Printed Without Its First Page The Next Month S Issue Publishes The Missing Page Military Secrets By Kit Reed Holding The Ghosts By Gwendolyn ClarePoetry Redshift By Barbara Duffey The Fates Rebel By Ruth Berman Prince Glass By Jane YolenDepartments Editorial Translation Enigmas By Sheila Williams Reflections Lost In Translation II By Robert Silverberg On The Net Curation, Please By James Patrick Kelly On Books By Paul Di Filippo SF Conventional Calendar By Erwin S Strauss Asimov S Science Fiction, March , Vol , NoWhole NoSheila Williams, EditorCover Art By Paul Youll Military Secrets really confused me at first, due to a line about a child claiming their father was not dead one moment, and then that he was dead another I still don t know if this was intentional, or an actual error, I could see either working in a good short story dealing with the devastation surrounding the loss of a parent during war And not loss as in death , but rather missing in action that gray area where the ultimate fate is unknown Powerful once you go along with the dreamlike limbo type predicament of it all.I recall once reading a SF author or maybe editor who wrote how it was preposterous to write a story where human clones were treated like property and not given reasonable rights Somedays I agree with these Other days I look at politicians announced presidential candidates on down and I wonder how certain we can be that society will keep progressing Anyway, ridiculous or not, this is the basis behind Rusch s mystery novella in this issue And while there may not be much My first of these mags Regards to the goodreaders who ve been working this beat FWIW, my minority report follows Synopses stricken, some semispoilers remain.Palmer, Suzanne, Tuesdays Light stuff not exactly suspense, since the waitress s revelation is foreshadowed in the present tense of her prior thoughts and in the plural of the title I thought the breakdown of the story into brief, timed chunks was inventive and appropriate for a police report There is a touch of country to the writing, with an overtone of humor that s occasionally successful But whose voice is it The point of view varies with each short segment, robbing the piece of a chance at coherence.Bartholomew, Kathleen, and Kage Baker, Pareidolia This novelette is burdened with quite a load of exposition at the outset, but it, and the narrative itself, are conveyed in the appealingly voluble, amused voice of our time traveler hero The mechanism by which the icons exert their effects is inventive, if not terribly believable Like other works of time travel to the past, this one is as much historical fiction as science fiction Though the hero has various telepathic tools at his disposal, it is the authors imagination of the ancient world that is fascinating to me Bossert, Gregory Norman An average issue, saved by a sizzler of a story about apparent murder by Kristine Kathryn Rusch with nice stories by Kathleen Bartholomew Kage Baker and Gwendolyn Clare Tuesdays by Suzanne Palmer a light story about police officers called out to an apparent UFO sighting and trying to get the stories as told by various witnesses at a isolated cafe The final interview would be somewhat surprising Pareidolia by Kathleen Bartholomew Kage Baker part of her series of stories about the Company who travel through time collecting artifacts, this story is about one collector who and ensures that history occurs the way it is suppose to happen But little would he know that guidance he gave at one point in time would end up causing some havoc at a future period, but it is up to him to resolve it Military Secrets by Kit Reed a child refuses to believe his father is dead when he was declared Missing in Action an action that would set into unusual motion a vehicle that should not be there and involving him with other children whose fathers are also missing Twelve and Tag by Gregory Norman Bossert on Europa, new crew members are being inducted into the crew To break the ice, they are The most disappointing issue of Asimov s so far in 2015, with no real gosh wow stories The most intriguing is the rather oblique Military Secrets by Kit Reed The cover story, Tuesdays by Suzanne Palmer, is a bit of cheeky fun All of the big name pieces here are rather run of the mill workmanlike and efficient, with the sense of wonder meter revving in the low Except for the fact that the first page of the cover story was missing printed in the next issue or available online at www.asimovs.com , this issue was a delight to read.Both Editor Shelia Williams and Robert Silverberg wrote articles about translations and the pitfalls that lie within Tuesdays turned out to be a delightful story, reminiscent of a Twilight Zone episode Pareidolia is a continuation of Kage Baker s Company stories, written by her sister, Kathleen Bartholomew from notes Kage left Military Secrets looks at servicemen listed as MIA from a child s point of view Holding the Ghosts is a very different coming of age story The novella, Inhuman Garbage by Kristine Kathryn Rusch, is set in Armstrong City on Luna The characters are well written, their relationships with each other and with I feel like I m starting to repeat myself a lot Some stories were good, some a little less so Tuesdays was a lot of fun to read despite the fact that the first page of the story was missing it s available online to be re Inhuman Garbage, by Kristine Kathryn Rusch 4.5 stars Novella Twelve and Tag, by Gregory Norman Bossert 4.5 stars Novelette. A collection of above average stories Tuesdays made me laugh out loud