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Interesting storyThis is the first time I have read a story which involves a ghost I love the way that the author incorporates him into the story and how he can make the living woman so wanton The Dom didn t have a clue that there were two of them using the sub and she did a great job of controlling her orgasms. At Club Desire by Liz Gavin Two new characters in this short story Hope to readabout them. Super Sexy Short StoryCarol is a powerful woman who comes to Club Desire to explore hercreative side This story is a sexy short about one visit when she decides to dominate club employee Richard Well dobe but really didn t ring my bell Minor editing issues. Not for meIt ends at 31% The male was too cocky and sissy for me The opening word is gosh , I don t think I ve heard a man say goshever I m a firm believer in what s good for one person isn t for another and this one just wasn t for me. I think was ok, this author needswriting skills to keep the book interesting Will try another one of her books. LikedI really like both the stories especially about Marcel and Clara Looking forward to readinghappenings at Club Desire. A sexy, erotic short story that ll leave you panting Well done. Successful stockbroker by day, domme by night Carol returns to Club Desire in order to distract herself from real life in the arms of Richard, one of the newbies at the club Having recently read Upside Down, I know what was distracting her through their encounter, but if you haven t read that book, At Club Desire is a good prelude to the larger story in Upside Down.Carol and Richard s time together made for a short but steamy story. {Ebook} ⛓ At Club Desire õ I m Richard I m a waiter at the most popular restaurant in New Orleans And that sucks I m also a rookie at the best sex club in town Club Desire And that s awesome Except, my probation period hasn t finished yet so I cannot screw up in any way I don t want to ruin my chances at the best job ever I mean I get paid to fulfill people s sexual fantasies I get paid, dude Plus, Club Desire members aren t your garden variety of perverts Far from it It s a classy place, where only VIPs get accepted and solely by referral So when Carol Sullivan asks for me, specifically I know it s my chance to shine All I ve got to do is make her curl her toes and shout my name Over and over again The successful stock broker from New York is tough and demanding She craves control and total submission I can do that But when she plays it rough something feels off She wasn t like that the first time we met Can I take her darker side Will I please her or enrage her Thisword short is intended for adults only It contains graphic language plus kinky scenes involving a domineering stock broker and her gorgeous sub Plus, a lot of steamy role playing Very short but very hot Eventhough the heroine is a Mistress, the hero is not an actual sub according to the standard description of subs He is a strong willed man who accepts and enjoys pleasing his mistress and endures the pain she gives him eventhough something is out of character As I understand, this is a prequel or a side scene of the novel Upside Down by the same author, but it can be read as a standalone hot BDSM scene.