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My 6th grade teacher, Ms Greenwood, had the Barefoot Gen series on a shelf in our classroom I read all of these there I now realize what a profoundly anti war statement it was, leaving these books within the grasp of 12 year olds these are graphic novels about the bombing of Hiroshima, from the perspective of a young civilian boy who loses almost his entire family.The books juxtapose cartoons and the trivialities of youth with the singularly gruesome, nightmarish truths of using nuclear weapons on a heavily populated, largely civilian city All in cartoon, you witness people s flesh melting off like batter bloated bodies floating in a waterway, bursting Gen helping to care for an artist who has barely survived, which involves replacing his bandages and cleaning his maggot infested wounds.This book shows you some fucked up stuff Reading it at that age goes a long way to molding your opinion of nuclear weapons and exposes the idiocy of trying to justify their use under any circumstances or in any context. 6 1945 2012. If there s one graphic novel that I d recommend to anyone, even if they hate the manga style with a passion, it would be Barefoot Gen Also a shocking if not completely horrific and graphic film, this is the story of a young boy caught in the chaos of WWII s Hiroshima, the disaster that leaves him struggling to survive when the people around him are destroyed in an instant He s resilient, but the terror awaiting him and his family makes for a powerful cautionary tale for any reader This is only Volume 1 but it s an evocative and frightening story throughout, sharing the legacy of Hiroshima for many years to come. .. Tears.After finishing the manga that s all I have Real life story of the Atomic Bomb survivor My words can t describe the pain amd the horror that this manga carries and the bravery young Keiji showed at the time of absolute death , his family members dying infront of his eyes and complete decimation of Hiroshima Both the book and the movie are true saga of human cruelty and at the same time incredible bravery. |E-pub ☨ はだしのゲン 1 (第1巻 青麦ゲン登場の巻) ♭ This harrowing story of Hiroshima was one of the original Japanese manga series New and unabridged, this is an all new translation of the author s first person experiences of Hiroshima and its aftermath, is a reminder of the suffering war brings to innocent people Its emotions and experiences speak to children and adults everywhere Volume one of this ten part series details the events leading up to and immediately following the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. I am seriously becoming a fierce fan of Graphic Novels lately This one was recommended by a generous GoodReads friend Pooja, and I will be ever so grateful to her for this This is my introduction to the world of Japanese Manga and boy, am I blown away Keiji Nakazawa is a survivor of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima in Aug 45 Barefoot Gen is his alter ego He says he imagined his alter ego standing atop a roof, barefoot, raising his voice loud and clear, over and against the destruction his dear city of 4, 00, 000 residents was subjected to.The characters in Barefoot Gen have been inspired by the lives of the people in the life of Nakazawa and the ones around him Graphic novels bear this eerie ability to assist your imagination exactly to that level, where it sets in motion its own series Nothing unlike movies and nothing less either Just the exact right amount The last 40 pages and a few of them in between had me literally howling I clenched my fists and stretched my fingers and toes, as if it was here, in front of me, right now I cannot even begin to imagine the amount of effort Nakazawa must have put in re imagining the whole thing for us My heart goes out to him and the lakhs of citizens of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, who had to suffer because a few people sitting at the top of a decision machinery could not decide whether to surrender or keep fighting The war did end, but the lives impacted did not get their fair chance at survival I highly recommend this one, just as I recommend The Maus, both stories of a holocaust so horrible, that we can never afford to forget NEVER. ..