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!Download Book ⚆ Blood Rush ♼ In this never before told story of America s most deviant serial killer Ricky Lee Green, called by the FBIdangerous than Ted Bundy readers learn the chilling story of a man whose childhood abuse drove him to a life of violence and perversion, and the preacher s daughter who shared his thrills Includespages of shocking photos this is a very true story this happened in my home town my dad a Ricky Lee Green were friends and my dad s name is in the book as Ricky thought it would be funny to see if they would blame my dad for this I played with his step daughter as a child this book is well written and if you can stomach true crime then it is an interesting read. Sleaziest true crime I ve ever read.really wallows in sexual perversion Great fun I bet the author is the life of a party Very graphic sex so if this bothers you, do not read the book Well written book but very depressing. NCOwn in paperback.FS On a sunny April morning in 1985, twenty four year old Ricky Green pulls Sharon Dollar s 1981 Ford into the parking area of Casino Beach LS Each day that goes by my time grows near, when that time comes at least I ll be free and clear. I started reading English in 2000 2001 I think because I wanted to readTrue Crime This was one of the books I read in that first year and I know I really enjoyed it, If you are allowed to say that about true crime books