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!Free Kindle ⚇ Captive of the Border Lord ⚆ Bessie, the selfless sister of the powerful but stubborn Brunson clan, has sacrificed herself for her family s honor and is at the mercy of the court of King James Ill suited to court life, she must confront their mortal enemy, Lord Thomas Carwell, dressed in nothing but borrowed finery and pride.Underneath the relentless gaze of her captor, she s enticed not only by him but also by the opulence of a world far removed from her own When the furious king demands her brother s head, Carwell is the only one to whom she can turn But she must pay the ultimate price for his protection. this book was ok to read The characters had trust issues and a lot of self doubt But when they learned to take a chance on love both blossomed in to new people. Good book with plenty of intrigue Thomas has been sent by the king to bring Bessie s brother John to court as hostage for the clan s behavior John had made the king angry see Return of the Border Warrior but refuses to betray his own honor To save her brother, Bessie volunteers to go in his place They in turn make Thomas responsible for her safety Once there Bessie has to learn to navigate a way of life far outside anything she has experienced before.I liked Bessie In the first book she was mostly in the background so I didn t get much of a feel for her In this one the family stubbornness is very evident in her She is determined to be the one to go Once she is there she realizes that nothing is as it appears on the surface and finds herself depending on Thomas to show her the way And though she had sworn to find proof of his treachery against her family what she found instead was a growing passion I liked her combination of naivete and confidence She didn t understand the things that went on at court but she was well aware of who she was and she wasn t going to be any less than what she expected of herself I also liked the way that she decided to fight for Thomas and herself while trying to stay true to her roots.Thomas was a little harder to know Because of his position as Warden he had to be able to deal with Scots and English He had grown up learning the art of compromise and how to read shifting loyalties and emotions There are some things he has done in the service of the king that haven t turned out the way they were intended and that creates even problems As he tries to do his job and still protect the Brunsons he finds out that the only way he can protect Bessie is to marry her He had sworn never to marry again after the disaster of his first marriage, but felt he had no choice He was also trying to fight his attraction and growing feelings for her and losing that battle When things come to a head Thomas has to make a choice between his king and his bride. My favorite sorts of historical romance novels have always been those with generous portions of both history and romance, so, when I wanted to get back into reading historical romance, I knew that Blythe Gifford would deliver the goods In this second installment in the Brunson Clan trilogy, Bessie Brunson steps up when the Scottish king demands a Brunson as hostage For those who have read the first book in the trilogy, we really can t blame the king, but did Bessie have any idea what she was getting into when she offered herself instead of her brothers No, ma am, and that s where things get interesting Lord Thomas Carwell has his own reasons for wanting to satisfy the king with his Brunson hostage, but when love comes into the mix, it s the worst possible time and place Though Bessie doesn t trust Thomas and she has reasons he s the only one who can help her when the king has plans that will separate her from her beloved home forever Watching Bessie and Thomas fall in love and sort out their path to happily ever after is as intricate and beautiful as the Court dances Thomas teaches Bessie when she first arrives talk about tension, ahem and feels believable for the world in which they live Ms Gifford s love of history and talent for creating believable characters both shine through This book will best be enjoyed by those who have read the first book in the trilogy, Return of the Border Lord and whets the appetite for book number three Highly recommended, will read again. Une belle romance historique avec un encha nement d v nements assez palpitants On ne s ennuie pas une minute Il manque pour ma part un soup on de sensualit pour en faire une petite perle mais cela reste comme je vous le disais un d tail tant l histoire m a plu C est pourquoi j attends avec impatience le tome 3 qui fera la part belle Rob le Noir.Ma chronique I quite liked this Tudor era romance I didn t necessary feel like the story was very compelling or believable, but it was entertaining enough The characters were described one way and they acted completely different in the way they were described I had issues with that, but not enough for me to lower in my rating It was a quick read for me, the genre was a different one for me, which is probably why I gave it a 3 star it was a breath of fresh air, against all the Regency that I had been reading If you have a lazy afternoon, this wouldn t be a bad book to pick up. Miniseries The Brunson ClanCategory Historical Romance The next installment in the Brunson Clan chronicles is bold, exciting, sensual and filled with colorful historical intrigue Gifford s lively portrayal of a daring clan at odds with their king is just the type of romance Scottish medieval fans crave RT Book Reviews, rated 4 stars Excellent continuation in the Brunson trilogy. The serious flaw in this book is that it does not stand alone in the series well enough to be enjoyed on its own I didn t realize when I picked this book up at the library that it was the middle book in a trilogy and the author does not do NEARLY enough to bring the uninitiated reader up to speed on what s going on with all the politics and back story She jumps right in with references to people and events from the previous book that are apparently significant enough to have set all the major plot points in this book in motion, but she never explains to the reader just what the heck happened Who is this Storich guy exactly How did he escape Who actually killed him And why did he deserve it What exactly was Carwell s part in it all And what did English warden do Why are the Brunsons constantly raiding other settlements Why do they think defying the king is justifiable And why the h do they continue to do it even after their sister is being held hostage by the king as a way of ensuring their good behavior Do they care nothing for her safety and sacrifice Basically, just what the h is going on I spent the whole book waiting for the answers to these questions to eventually get revealed so that everything would make sense.but it never did I still don t know who did what to whom in the last book and how that resulted in this book s events And this book leaves us with a massive amount of unanswered questions too The whole story Bessie, Carwell and the Brunsons continue to get into deeper and deeper trouble with the king of Scotland and with the English as well, and there s absolutely no resolution to that at the end of this book In fact, they re in the worst trouble yet at the end of this book So it s really not a satisfying read from that perspective.I liked Bessie as a character and Carwell too, for the most part I was rooting for their romance to work out and obviously it does in the end because this is a romance novel I liked the description of Bessie becoming accustomed to life at court and not having to work in the kitchens like she did at home The three Marys were good characters too And I liked the ways Carwell tried to protect Bessie from the dangers of a young and angry king as well as the duplicitous nobles The snippets from his inner monologue where he continually fought with his desire for her and tried to remember to do the careful, smart thing were well done.However I didn t like the way they finally slept together There were so many romantic opportunities for Carwell to finally give in to his desire for Bessie and take her Instead, the author chose to pass up all those romantic scenarios and instead have Carwell turning to Bessie because he d had a hard day at the office and needed a little comfort It made their first time together about something other than their raging desire and developing feelings for each other and that s lame His iron control didn t slip because Bessie s so beautiful or because her indomitable spirit is so attractive or because she s special, it slipped because he was pissed and disappointed about something else That makes it seem like virtually any woman could have served his purpose for the night, rather than that he and Bessie were destined to be together Particularly because he, um, failed to take care of her needs this first time because he was too focused on himself That s especially un heroic of him when he knew full well that she was a virgin before they began So, yeah, their first time together left a lot to be desired Although I will say that I liked the level of description the author gave It was far from explicit and yet was than the fade to black some authors do It focused on the feelings Bessie was experiencing, rather than what was physically going on and it worked well.Carwell s hangups about his dead wife I could kind of take or leave Here too I felt like there was a part of the story we were missing We get tiny scraps of information about her all through the story, but no one ever just says here s what happened even at the end Why was she so unhappy in her marriage Did she never want to marry Carwell in the first place Or did she want to, but then realized after the fact that married life wasn t what she d expected And why did her subsequent death make Carwell swear off marriage altogether It didn t sound like he d actually ever loved her, and their relationship was virtually nonexistent So why did her death break his heart so badly that he d vow to be alone forever and let the title pass to some spoiled teenage cousin The fact that Carwell s unborn baby died along with the wife might have made sense as the reason for his heartache, except he almost never thinks about the baby all through the book It s always all about the wife This was another thing that I kept expecting to get explained before the end but it never did And it REALLY never got explained to Bessie There were a couple of things about the wife that the readers got to hear from Carwell s inner monologue that he never actually shared with her And when Bessie turns up pregnant at the end, Carwell again lets his dead wife s memory chase away any possible joy about the situation and instead he reacts with dread, which hurts Bessie I just didn t see the little bit we got about the wife as being a good enough justification for his behavior.All in all, I think if you ve read the first book than you ll enjoy this one a lot because you ll actually know what the h is going on, but if you haven t, then I d say don t start the series here For anyone who does choose to read this book, I strongly recommend the audiobook version The narrator s Scottish accent really made the story come alive in a way just reading the words on paper wouldn t have. Miniseries The Brunson ClanCategory Historical Romance