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!Download Kindle ⚟ Champion á Can the power of her passion warm a knight s cold heart The kingdom of Falconia is under siege from neighboring Ravenia after Falconia s bewitching Princess Aurora refuses to marry Ravenia s king Aurora does not love the king, and an ancient family curse decrees that is she marries without mutual true love she will die within a year From across Europe come six knights determined to rescue the raven haired beauty, but only one can be her champion and win her for his wife And it s the bold, brooding Venetian knight Niccolo who sets her body on fire with his piercing gazeWhile she burns for the brooding Niccolo, Aurora knows that he does not trust her For though he aches with wanting her, Niccolo remembers too well how another woman once betrayed him and he has vowed never to surrender his heart again Now it is up to Aurora her love must be strong enough to melt Niccolo s frozen heart, banish the family curse and save her from certain death I couldn t decide between 2 and 3 stars, so let s call it 2.5 This is one of those books that I wish someone else wrote It has a fairytale charm to it, and a semi decent plot, but the writing is really, really bad Distractingly bad I went in expecting a solid 1 star read, so overall I m not disappointed. I think I might have read this back in high school but can t quite rememberguess that says a lot The writing wasn t horrible, neither was the plot, which had fun fairy tale aspects But the characters annoyed me to no end The heroine was simpering and flighty with no depth, and the hero was cynical and cruel though he of course came around by the end Entertaining but so incredibly unrealistic yes, even for the romance genre that I just could not get sucked in. Incomparable In galable L apog e de la lecture son PIRE D une horreur difficilement supportable Et le poster de Fabio en page centrale ne fait rien pour aider M me les oeuvres compl tes de Shakespeare ne sauront me r concilier avec la litt rature sans dommage collat ral a m apprendra m essayer au dare de mes fausses amies En un mot BEURK