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Since I wrote it, I rate it highly. Excellent book, puts different events and innovations in perspective. This book was mostly a review of the other recent books I ve read on the history of computers software, but was different in that it also showed what was happening outside of the US with the developments. `Download Book ↿ Computers: The Life Story of a Technology ☞ A great technological and scientific innovation of the last half of the twentieth century, the computer has revolutionized how we organize information, how we communicate with each other, and even the way we think about the human mind Computers have eased the drudgery of such tasks as calculating sums and clerical work, making them both bearable and efficient, whatever the occasional frustration they carry with them The computer has become a standard fixture in our culture, a necessity for many aspects of business, recreation, and everyday life In this book, Eric G Swedin and David L Ferro offer an accessible short history of this dynamic technology, covering its central themes from ancient times to the present day