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( Read Kindle ) ¹ Crohns Disease and You ⚢ A Book Presented By GastroBible, Crohn S Disease And You Understanding Your Diagnosis Is A Book That Should Be A Staple Resource In Any IBD Patient S Collection With A Special Guest Foreword By Dr Maria Abreu, Who Is The Chief Of The Division Of Gastroenterology At The University Of Miami Tired Of Information That Isn T Up To Date With The Advancing Times Of Medicine I Was Too, And When It Comes To Crohn S Disease, Knowledge Is Power If You Don T Understand Everything About Your Disease, You Aren T In Control Crohn S Disease And You Understanding Your Diagnosis, Might Be The Book You Are Interested In For Those Who Are Freshly Diagnosed Or Even The Hardened Veterans Of Crohn S, This Book Contains A Plethora Of Information About Your Disease That Is Essential To Achieving And Maintaining Remission