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@Free Ebook ⚣ Cybersecurity Lexicon, Luis Ayala, eBook - Amazon.com ¿ This book offers easy to understand definitions of cybersecurity technical terminology and hacker jargon related to automated control systems common to buildings, utilities, and industry, and explains the threats and vulnerabilities of critical infrastructure Although written primarily for building designers and maintenance personnel, much of the terminology applies to cyber physical attacks in generalBuildings today are automated because the systems are complicated so we depend on the building controls system BCS to operate the equipment We also depend on a computerized maintenance management system CMMS to keep a record of what was repaired and to schedule required maintenance SCADA, BCS, and CMMS can all be hackedThe Cybersecurity Lexicon puts cyber jargon related to building controls all in one place The book is a handy desk reference for professionals interested in preventing cyber physical attacks against their facilities in the real worldDiscussion of cybers physical attacks on automated control systems is clouded by a lack of standard definitions and a general misunderstanding about how bad actors can actually employ cyber technology as a weapon in the real world The book providesConcepts related to cyber physical attacks and building hacks are listed alphabetically with text easily searchable by key phrase Definitions of technical terms related to equipment controls common to industry, utilities, and buildingsmuch of the terminology also applies to cybersecurity in general Luis Ayala worked overyears for the Department of Defense with the pastyears at the Defense Intelligence Agency Prior to his appointment as a Defense Intelligence Senior Leader in , he held several leadership positions at the Branch and Division levels His tenure culminated with the position as Senior Technical Expert facilities construction Mr Ayala earned his Bachelor of Architecture degree from Pratt Institute and he received his Master of Science and Technology Intelligence from the National Intelligence University NIU is the Intelligence Communitys sole accredited, federal degree granting institution His Masters thesis titled Cybersecure Facilities for the Intelligence Community is classified Mr Ayala was awarded the DIA Civilian Expeditionary Medal and the Civilian Combat Support Medal