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~FREE DOWNLOAD ⚔ Death Ground: Today's American Infantry in Battle ♱ An informative and thought provoking history of recent infantry operations with reasoned glimpses of its possible future DR SHAWN WHETSTONE Military Heritage This is Colonel Bolger s most significant work to date, important both for students of the contemporary US Army and for general readers even those normally uninterested in military affairs Bolger documents the infantry s change over the past sixty years from a mass force of citizen soldiers to a small body of elite professionals He presents each currently existing type of infantry paratroopers, air assault, mechanized, light, rangers, and marines In each case study, Bolger emphasizes the quality and preparation, making it quite clear that will without skill and motivation without competence are certain routes to disaster While praising today s infantry as the best the country has ever fielded, Bolger raises the prospect that the US military, by emphasizing technology and economy, will leave the country with an elite infantry too small to sustain heavy losses and too specialized to be quickly replaced Publishers WeeklyDEATH GROUNDToday s American Infantry in Battle Well partially read I grew bored with his regurgitation of operations better covered in other authors accounts This one was so so.