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!Download Ebook à Deus Destroyed: The Image of Christianity in Early Modern Japan ì Japan s Christian Century began inwith the arrival of Jesuit missionaries led by Saint Francis Xavier, and ended inwhen the Tokugawa regime issued the final Sakoku Edict prohibiting all traffic with Catholic lands Sakoku national isolation would for than two centuries be the sum total of the regime s approach to foreign affairs This policy was accompanied by the persecution of Christians inside Japan, a course of action for which the missionaries and their zealots were in part responsible because of their dogmatic orthodoxy The Christians insisted that Deus was owed supreme loyalty, while the Tokugawa critics insisted on the prior importance of performing one s role within the secular order, and denounced the subversive doctrine whose First Commandment seemed to permit rebellion against the stateIn discussing the collision of ideas and historical processes, George Elison explores the attitudes and procedures of the missionaries, describes the entanglements in politics that contributed heavily to their doom, and shows the many levels of the Japanese response to Christianity Central to his book are translations of four seventeenth century, anti Christian polemical tracts It was a pretty difficult book to read and understand.