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#READ KINDLE è Escape to the Worlds Fair Ø Catch a ferry to the 1904 World s Fair with the orphans of Wanderville The orphans of Wanderville have decided to never again let themselves be confused by adults offering them shiny red apples and warm beds They re going to make their way to California and establish a permanent spot for Wanderville.But when they re suddenly left without means of transportation, the orphans must find a new way of getting to their town Enter a dandy motorist with a proposition If the orphans agree to take a mysterious artifact to the 1904 St Louis World s Fair on his behalf, they will receive a handsome reward that will allow them to book passage west.The citizens of Wanderville conclude that this is their best bet What they don t realize, however, is just how treacherous the journey to the fair will be and how much they will need to sacrifice to finally find themselves a new home.