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@READ EPUB ð Exploration Seismology eBook: R. E. Sheriff, L. P. Geldart: Amazon.fr: Amazon Media EUS.à r.l. ¿ The authors have shown themselves to be masters of data compression The book is very well cross referenced, making fact finding easy Sheriff and Geldart have written an important book which is authoritative and complete yet manages to treat subjects in depth It is difficult to imagine a better book on the subject and I am sure it will prove evendifficult to write one Geophysical Journal They will serve the needs of these readers admirably as a thorough and up to date treatment of all aspects of the subject Both volumes may be recommended unreservedly to everyone who is seriously interested in the subject They are likely to be a standard text for many years to come Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research Few people have done as much to demystify exploration seismology for geologists what I believe to be the most readable and most user friendly set of volumes on exploration seismology AAPG Bulletin The strengths of the set are the breadth of its coverage, the many excellent data examples, and the insight into a variety of practical matters chapters are largely independent of each other and the less analytically demanding ones can be usefully read on their own Seth Stein, Geological Sciences, Northwestern UniversityThis is the completely updated revision of the highly regarded book Exploration Seismology Available now in one volume, this textbook provides a complete and systematic discussion of exploration seismology The first part of the book looks at the history of exploration seismology and the theory developed from the first principles of physics All aspects of seismic acquisition are then described The second part of the book goes on to discuss data processing and interpretation Applications of seismic exploration to groundwater, environmental and reservoir geophysics are also included The book is designed to give a comprehensive up to date picture of the applications of seismology Exploration Seismology s comprehensiveness makes it suitable as a text for undergraduate courses for geologists, geophysicists and engineers, as well as a guide and reference work for practising professionals