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Really good exercises and a fantastic book list I just need to start writingand do what she s saying. (((READ E-PUB))) ⇧ Free Within Ourselves: Fiction Lessons For Black Authors ↡ A Bird by Bird for the African American market A top notch writer s guide filled with practical guidance, essays, and journal exercises for the African American writer including advice from ELynn Harris, Charles Johnson, and Yolanda JoeIn her introduction, Jewell Parker Rhodes writes Never in four years of college or five years of graduate school was I assigned an exercise or given a story example that included a person of colorWhile the educational system and the publishing world have become progressively welcoming of African American authors, there is still little attention to educating, supporting, and sustaining the writing process of African American authors Free Within Ourselves is a solid first step it is the book I wished I had when I started out as a writer It is meant to be a song of encouragement for African American artisits and visionaries Free Within Ourselves is a step by step introduction to fictional technique, exploring story ideas, and charting one s progress, as well as a resource guide for publishing fiction For the legions of people who have a novel stuck in their word processors, help is finally on the way Free Within Ourselves is an excellent guide to all the elements necessary to crafting fiction character development, point of view, plot, atmosphere, dialogue, diction, sentence variety, and revision Writing techniques are taught using exercises, journaling, story examples, and analyses of famous writing fragments, as well as several complete stories including those of James Baldwin, Zora Neale Hurston, and Edwidge Dandicat, among others The book is further enhanced by inspirational advice from successful contemporary black writers such as Bebe Moore Campbell, Rita Dove, Henry Louis Gates, John Edgar Wideman, and others , a bibliography, and a guide to workshops, journals, magazines, contests, and fellowships supportive of black arts I m inspired Such a great resource for aspiring Black writers I especially love how she embraced the spiritual and the ancestral as major factors in the tradition of Black people s writing I plan to use this in the future possibly for my own work While the title of the book is attractive and interesting, the content within is subpar It was largely a waste of time I have read and worked my way through far better handbooks. I ve had this book for a while now I just need to get to it. Great resources for new fiction writers I used this book for a research paper and was surprised to find a wealth of information that will help me in my own writing Highly recommended.