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DOWNLOAD ó George Gordon, Lord Byron ⚥ Described by a contemporary as mad, bad, and dangerous to know, Byron has been haunted by his infamous reputation for overyears This readable and lively biography of the poet examines his chaotic life story, full of contradictions an aristocrat with republican views, a proponent of romantic love notorious for his casual relationships, a religious agnostic who admired Roman Catholicism His work was sensational from the start his first poetry collection was withdrawn from circulation because it contained explicit references to his romantic conquests He traveled through Europe on horseback, and on his return to London published a poem Childe Harold s Pilgrimage based on his experiences abroad The poem was a bestseller, which established Lord Byron s reputation as one of England s most talented poets and Romanticism s most recognizable symbol Other successful poems followed, such as Don Juan and Bride of Abydos Byron s scandalous love affairs made him a celebrity, but also forced him to spend and time away from England He lived in Italy and Greece and actively participated in the revolutionary movements in both countries He died in Greece from fever just as his soldiers were preparing to attack a Turkish position About the series The British Library is in a unique position when it comes to biographical research, especially concerning British authors This revered institution boasts the world s largest collection of original manuscripts, as well as an outstanding collection of letters, personal diaries, first editions, and other literary treasures The titles in this series take full advantage of this vast source of documentary evidence by illustrating each of these lively writers biographies with state of the art facsimiles of pertinent documents and reproductions of art from the period Penned by expert biographers, each of these books also contains an index, further reading list, and a chronology of the writer s life A thorough account of Byron s life and works, yet not overbearingly detailed just right I m not gonna lie I liked that about half the book was pictures But only because the artwork was so tasteful and relevant in histories and biographies, all the various names can get shuffled up in one s head, so it s always nice to have a face to go with a name Byron was a fascinating man, somewhat different than I d pictured him, and this was a great way to learn about him