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Wow! Incrediblly absurd! A very amusing journey through time and space If you liked Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy for its crazy looping, twists and turns then you've got to try this! Got some great coorelations between how we earthlings blindly adhere to a vision of always being right In a fun, superfulious way Happy traveling! This book is horridly and tastelessly written And for that it is one of the most exceptionally comical stories I've ever read It fits nicely on a shelf among the works of Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett And it might also be removed from that shelf and read if you can stomach it From the first derogatory remark on the reader's intelligence, you may hate it profoundly And yet, I found it incredibly amusing And as you read it, this book just gets worse and better simultaneously That being said, it does its job exceedingly well As a writer, I've been taught not to open a story with an overabundance of exposition But the way these gentlemen work at the process they achieve the effect of an exhausting exposition that is simultaneously a page turner So because I hate it as much as I love it, this book receives 1 and 5 stars at once Read this book if you can enjoy scifi with a sense of humor If you cannot, by all means go and find something by Herbert or Asimov I for one look to seebooks from these two ingenious word masters in the future. This was reviewed by Lee Ashford for Readers' Favorite.“Greegs and Ladders” by Zack Mitchell and Danny Mendlow is… as far as I could tell… a very convoluted, satirical critique of the way humanity is treating its planet, its universe, its fellow humans, its nonhuman fellow inhabitants of Earth, its environment and, ultimately, its fate A very serious message is buried deep within a fantastical, science fictional, cartoonish lampoon involving such creatures as have never seen the light of day, and hopefully never will Much of the action in this tale takes place on “one of 11 planets containing wriggly, walky, breathy things in the hopeless, undeveloped but reasonably entertaining to look at from a safe distance sun system of the 38 planets in the 59 sunned district of Herb”, but much also takes place in various other universes and at various times spanning many millennia The primary protagonists are the decidedly nonhuman Dr Rip T Brash the Third; his faithful sidekick and Astrospeciologist whom we shall call “Wilx”, because that is his name; and Krimshaw, the Greeg formerly known as Zook These three immortal beings basically spend the entire book travelling through time – forward, backward, diagonally and sideways – so Rip can make absurd wagers with Wilx, in a fruitless effort to win back everything Wilx has already won from his previous wagers.As you no doubt already have concluded, Mitchell and Mendlow are a couple very, very imaginative fellows There aremadeup words, names, species etc than any ten normal people could come up with if they had a lifetime to do it in One might be tempted to assume it is due to a superior source of drugs, but I prefer to believe the two are just extraordinarily creative In fact, it would seem their creativity knows no bounds I was well beyond the halfway mark before I decided this book was, in fact, a critique of the status quo Even then, it wasn’t until the very final page that I was absolutely certain of this They are to be highly commended for managing to keep their readers engaged for such a long time before allowing the reader to “get it” Without a serious message, this is still a very entertaining, if absurd, story, which engages the reader completely However, with the realization that there IS a serious message under all the humor and absurdity, the story becomes not only entertaining, but also significant I seriously do endorse this book, and recommend that it be read by all politicians, for starters Everybody else can read it, too, with the possible exception of Investment Bankers. A sprawling mess of things that don't make sense I really enjoyed it, for its references to my favourite scifi and comedy authors, for its absurdity, and surprisingly for the lack of traditional structure An extremely vicious editor would turn this into a five star book Did like. Wonderful, so enjoyable Not sure where it was going for a whileAnd then I was definitely not sure where it was going with every page And such an uplifting end Kestel As I read Greegs and Ladders by Zack Mitchell and Danny Mendlow, I couldn't help draw comparisons to Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Clearly, Adams' seminal work is the inspiration behind this tongueincheek scifi novel While I didn't find myself laughing out loud as often as I did with Hitchhiker, and the character development isn't as rich, this is a worthy effort at emulating the spirit of Adams' bestseller While some may complain about the lack of plot and focus, others will recognize the nod towards Hitchhiker.If you like your carefree romp through a comical universe with a side of healthy cynicism towards humanity, then this might be the book for you. BarfReally BarfAnd not good barfSeriouslyNorman C StoneByHiOk who the fuck makes you type a specific number of words on a review This was a freebie on the Kindle There is a story here somewhere, I just can't find it The sheer scope of the text crammed pages make reading this not only challenging, but daunting as well Not to mention the author seems to have a problem with Investment Bankers, apparently they are used as fuel for a starship or something.There is something to be said for editorial services I was intrigued by the book's description and I don't say No to free books very often I am always willing to give something a try It is not that the book is hard to read, it isn't, it is that the story is hard to follow or find while sifting through the massive amounts of information you are given in the first 10pages (3%) of the book.A valiant effort, and for the right reader, very entertaining. (Epub) î Greegs Ladders ⚞ Greegs amp; Ladders is a wildly exciting tale of three oddball characters romping around space and time Equal parts social satire and fun loving adventure, Greegs promises laughs, a few mildly intelligent andor interesting observations, amp; several runon sentences You'll also get to find out what the hell Greegs are, and how life on Earth came to be, and the meaning of it all at no extra charge Although I enjoyed this comedic scifi romp I cannot say it was a total success Yes it has a tongue firmly in its cheek and clearly takes inspiration from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy; however I did not find it as funny It was amusing rather than laugh out loud Perhaps this was because I felt it missed some of the satire and deep cynicism of HHGTTG.Nevertheless it was well done and clearly the author continues to add to the tale.