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(((KINDLE))) ⇴ GRUESOME - The Case of Carl Panzram ↶ While I was writing an article on a murder robbery for one of the magazines in the Detective Files Group, I tried to have a photograph of the victim processed as an illustration for that piece Since he had been shot five times at point blank range with a automatic, his corpse was exceptionally bloody and his face was disfigured with the agony of death Usually, I could have the photos for an article processed at one facility Given the condition of the body, however, this was one instance when I had to rely on two labs When the technician at the first lab saw the negative and realized what he would be printing, he refused to continue and handed me the negatives in an envelope with the word Gruesome written on it Eventually, I found a compliant technician and had the photos I needed While this chain of events obviously transpired before the advent of digitalphotography, that word Gruesome has stayed etched in my memory When a journalist undertakes crime reporting, he or she has to accept the fact that public reaction to the subject matter at large might not be as responsive as a writer may hope The word Gruesome came to mind as I composed the title for this biography of the American serial killer Carl Panzram When a man makes a verifiable claim to have murdered twenty one human beings, including details such as, in one instance, seeing the victim s brains coming out his ears, the journalist recording his story has to steal him or her self to the distasteful duty of presenting those facts to the readers whom that journalist wants to serve That word will let the reader know what to expect when reading the story of Carl Panzram Despite the fact that James Woods portrayed him in the biopic based on his autobiography KILLER A JOURNAL OF MURDER, and, as a murderer, he could claim the extensive number of victims that he did, Carl Panzram does not seem to enjoy the infamy of a John Wayne Gacy or a Ted Bundy A Google search based on their names yields , results for Panzram, as opposed to , and ,, for Gacy and Bundy, respectively So I was preparing to introduce him to the readers of the Detective Files Group, when those magazines suspended publication Now that has provided a new venue through Kindle, this work will have the same opportunity to meet its audience that it would have enjoyed through the Detective Files Group