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I received a free copy of this book through a Goodreads giveaway.Best friends Ava and Gen are about to be separated for the first time in years when Gen moves across the country for college and Ava stays at her local university Gen quickly joins the newspaper staff and begins experimenting with drugs, alcohol, guys, and girls Ava is majoring in film and tries to join a sorority to help her make friends while struggling with her mental illness in a new environment Told through text messages and e mails, I Hate Everyone But You is a story of long distance friendship and its hurdles.There s an art to writing an epistolary novel that this book completely misses out on Readers never want to feel like they re outside of the action or missing the most important parts, and that s exactly what happens here There s no tension, and anything that might be considered dramatic is conveyed by unanswered messages which is to say, by nothing A good epistolary novel will give us all of this without the benefit of narrative, which is incredibly difficult, and this novel doesn t manage it It also makes it difficult to track character development, because we only know what Gen and Ava tell each other That s also assuming that there is any character development, and I may be giving this book too much credit in that respect The book s second failure is in character, and it s the one I can t forgive Gen and Ava are both judgmental brats, and it s not funny so much as mortifying and offensive They re like those people who think their lives are funny enough to be a sitcom, but really, you probably had to be there Their stereotypical college experiences are exactly the kinds of things I tried to avoid when I was in college why would I want to read about them now As usual, there s an excess of drinking and sleeping around, and at one point Ava even has the nerve to call one of her sorority sisters a basic bitch Is this supposed to be ironic Both characters make increasingly bad romantic choices I m a little ashamed that people think this is a typical American college experience.Ava is also mildly homophobic, and her mental illness is not at all well represented, since she mainly uses it to support her narrow and critical attitudes Gen s bisexuality seems like an excuse to sleep with any everyone, and while she claims loudly to be a feminist, I have difficulty spotting it in the book The authors could have used these issues as points for good development, but the novel isn t anywhere near sophisticated enough for that If college is supposed to be a learning experience, both in and outside the classroom, I think Ava and Gen both missed the point Nobody learns anything If this hadn t been a review book, I would have DNF ed after the first fifty pages.I review regularly at brightbeautifulthings.tumblr.com. Well, this is awkward Why Because, sadly, this is a case of it s totally you, not me I did my part I went into this with an open mind, and a good mood And in return, I received disappointment to say the least and a sufficiently soured mood to say the most Is that a thing Please ignore me I m attempting to keep this light, to no avail Yeah I m not happy The idea itself is fine, if a bit recycled It s one of those things that could go with no doubt one of two ways really really well, or horrendously bad Guess which way this went Yeah, exactly But I shall present my opinion see what I said Opinion Meaning, you could have a different one, which would be totally fine in an organized, list ly manner Because I m nothing if not organized And list ly The idea of two best friends on a long distance relationship, corresponding via email and text messages, was fun for the first 10 pages Afterward It got repetitive And tiresome Because and I don t get whose idea it was to butcher a plotline this badly if you don t know how to properly write a book in a funky format solely through emails and texts, in this case , DON T DO IT Not everyone is Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff, okay Not everyone And that s okay But I believe this format, instead of enhancing the storyline, crippled the plot so horrendously that it limited the reader s view of the unfolding events, not to mention bored me to tears Neither Ava nor Gen was strong enough to carry the storyline forward In fact, they were so not strong that they fumbled the plot, and it fell and burst into shards ignore that weird metaphor , please These girls aren t interesting, okay They re really not All Ava did for over half of the book was whine and overthink every interaction she had with a random boy he was so random, possessing next to no chemistry with Ava, that I didn t know whether to laugh or cry when he showed up and stuck , that it was obvious he was pushed into this shindig against his will for the sole purpose of serving as Convenient Love Interest 1 And Gen Gen did nothing but get drunk or high or simultaneously drunk AND high what a talented young woman we have here, folks and having a rather gross relationship with a middle aged, mind you teacher I don t know about you, but does not interest me at all It might mean the world to you, but not me Sorry not sorry The plot moved at a snail s pace, but without the final destination in mind I cannot stress the amount of NOTHING that took place for 150 pages here Well, let me try to convey that take the stars in space See all the black nothingness between them remembers dark matter and dark energy exist, so it s not technically nothing Well, this book is NOTHING than the cold hard blackness of space It was so very NOTHING, in fact, that I DNFed this torturous thingy at 44%, then skimmed to the end because I was feeling quite generous at the time And even the ending was so very underwhelming, I thanked the heavens I made the right choice and just skimmed Because I would ve snoozed if I had continued That said, if any you read that synopsis and think the aspect is quite cool, or the issues I have so professionally addressed ha above do not sound like they might be of bother to you, then by all means, pick this book up Seriously You may like this than I But for my part, I think I ll just drop this and go find a better read Thank you, Wednesday Books, for providing me with a review copy in exchange for my honest review I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this book.The story was cute but at the same time deals with serious issues such as sexual identity, mental illness, family conflicts, romantic relationships, and substance abuse.The book has two main characters Ava and Genevieve They are best friends and are both starting college in different schools but located in completely different states Ava stayed in California and Gen moved to the east coast They have very different personalities and you get to know them as you read the novel.The book is narrated in the form of emails and texts exchanged between the main characters and the dialog was witty, relevant and lovely There are a lot of movie references and that was great for somebody who loves films as much as I do.I generally go to the movies one or twice a week so to be able to get the puns added a layer of awesomeness to my reading experience Overall, I LOVED this book and recommend it to all Thanks to NetGalley, the author, and the publisher for providing me with a copy of this publication in exchange for an honest review.FINAL NOTE the entire time I was reading this book I pictured Ava being played by Hailee Steinfeld from the movie The Age of Seventeen This movie is amazing and available for streaming on and Itunes Review posted on blog. Instagram Twitter Facebook Pinterest Allison and Gaby were two of my favorite contributors on Buzzfeed and when they left, I followed them both on Twitter They have forceful personalities, so when I realized that the characters in this book shared the first letter of their authors names Ava to Allison and Gen to Gaby , I figured that this was probably a sly hint at semi autobiographical elements.It s difficult to sum up I HATE EVERYONE BUT YOU because it s told in the 21st century version of epistolary format emails and instant messaging Ava and Gen are both freshmen in college, and are determined to keep in contact and continue their friendship despite going to different schools.Ava is a high strung perfectionist who is good at school and wants to please everyone around her She also suffers from depression and anxiety and has the tendency to self harm Being away from home makes her very stressed out, and she s so determined to have the correct college experience that she joins a sorority filled with girls she doesn t really like and starts a relationship with a boy who doesn t respect her as much as he should.Gen, on the other hand, is the poster child for the socially aware millennial She is a proud feminist, is open about her sexuality and sleeps with many partners because she wants to, and determined to be an ethical journalist by immediately writing an article about one of the faculty s sexual harassment suits for the school paper She also experiments with cocaine and sleeps with one of her TAs.The girls are so different from one another, but their conversations feel authentic and real because they bring up a lot of topics that are relevant in this day and age, such as how bisexual people often feel isolated from the gay community and the straight community, how people with depression often don t get the support they need from their peers because their peers consider them a downer, how toxic relationships aren t always obvious, and how being an adult sometimes necessitates making childish mistakes You know, for the learning experience.I really enjoyed I HATE EVERYONE BUT YOU I was mentally reading the emails in Allison s and Gaby s voices, which made these characters feel even fleshed out It wasn t always easy reading, even though it s a short book and goes by quickly I could relate to Ava s shyness and social anxiety, and her fears that someone not writing back the relationship apocalypse felt totally real Gen, on the other hand, could sometimes annoy me because I didn t like the way she was constantly policing her friend I think it s extremely important to reduce ignorance and transphobic homophobic constructs that are embedded into our society, but I also don t think that the way to do that is by making your friends feel bad about themselves, either Later on the book, this is addressed, and the two girls talk about the tendency to project your own feelings of inadequacies onto safe targets and how sometimes advice given with good intentions can be hurtful a lesson for Ava and Gen.I HATE EVERYONE BUT YOU is not for everyone, and I am sure there will be plenty of reviews calling this SJW bullshit, but controversial and daring subject matter is never received with open arms by all More importantly, I HATE EVERYONE BUT YOU gives a voice to our newest generation in the same way that CATCHER IN THE RYE and THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER did, and this time, it s not about young men it s about young women Yay Thanks to Netgalley the publisher for the review copy 3.5 stars I Love Reading other people s text messages.I just do It s a nosy but trendy personality quirk of mine I love when people send me iMessage screenshots I love Instagram accounts full of failed booty calls booty texts Sounds weird I love BuzzFeed articles dedicated to text based butt dials.I also love books including text messages.Maybe it s for the aforementioned previously maintained interests related reasons that reading this book didn t really feel like reading I guess that could be a good thing if you dislike, uh, reading But I don t My username for most everything is emmareadstoomuch Couldn t really make that clearer.This is so loosely autobiographical that it stretches the word loosely It stretches it past its elastic capacity, and it snaps in half, and then the word loosely is gone and it s just autobiographical.We follow Gen, an adventurous blonde freshman at Emerson, and Ava, a nervous new student brunette at USC This book is written by the adventurous blonde Gaby and the nervously brunette Allison, Emerson and USC alum s , respectively.I mean SAME FIRST LETTERS OF NAME AND EVERYTHING My brain is about to explode.Also, Gen and Ava name drop Gaby and Allison s real life YouTube channel and it s just weird and forced and all around unpleasant, in the same way that authors trying to insert their old characters casually into their new books is WE SEE WHAT YOU RE DOING, SARAH DESSEN MORGAN MATSON HUNTLEY FITZPATRICK WHATEVER Not suave at all.FURTHERMORE It feels strange to write this review without mentioning that I attend one of the colleges universities detailed within these VERY PAGES And that s a really weird experience to have The stories are really concerned with the intricacies of each institution as opposed to most college based contemporaries, since the authors actually, you know, attended them I really, really, really didn t like it It s weird to judge your own college experience by someone else s when that someone else is a fictional character And also an author But that s not the book s fault, really.This is also rather diverse Gen spends most of the book exploring her sexuality, and comes out as queer so as not to restrict with a label and Ava is severely anxious and has OCD.This diversity has come under fire by some reviewers for the blas way it s discussed Specifically, a lot of the story details Ava learning about the LGBT community, and sometimes she asks questions in an offensive way Two things are important to note one, this is OwnVoices for both characters because this is a f cking autobiography and a lot of the insensitivities are solved through character development.That does not, however, mean they re not hard to read These two characters can be sooooo unlikable it s ridiculous, let me tell ya.What a strange read this was.Bottom line DEFINITELY NOT FOR EVERYONE Maybe not even for me Who knows I should. DNF at page 177, but what I read I would give one star.Here s a quick list of reasons 1 The best friends constant lack of respect joking dismissal of bisexuality Just, no.2 The only Transgender character was made into a villain.3 The casual use of cocaine without any discussion around it was just not my thing Just, why This might be the story of how Shelby and I became friends Must read to confirm Mini review DNF I received an E ARC via the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review I was highly anticipating this book And I was so happy to get it from Netgalley Unfortunately it wasn t for me At first I was really enjoying it I was laughing here and there and it was all fun But then it just became boring It started to drag And I lost interest in it I didn t care for all the stupid drama these girls had This was just a me thing Still recommend. I Hate Everyone But You chronicles a series of texts and emails sent between two best friends, Ava and Gen, as they head off to their first semesters of college on opposite sides of the country From first loves to weird roommates, heartbreak, self discovery, coming out and mental health, the two best friends will document every moment to each other But as each changes and grows into her new life, will their friendship be able to survive the distance I ll start off by saying that reading this book was probably the most FUN I ve had in ages with fiction I practically couldn t wipe the smile off my face for the entirety of my reading experience I Hate Everyone But You is perfect for fans of We Are Okay, Gena Finn, and Queens of Geek That is to say This book is an entirely character driven story, and like We Are Okay the premise is about two best friends in college, but we also have the shenanigans shared in Queens of Geek I read through it in a whirlwind.I will admit, however, that it took some time to get fully into the swing of things with the characters But I was pretty sold once we had that one random scene at the beginning of the book where Gen tried cocaine in the bathroom with her new friend It truly left me both baffled and in fits Particularly when I recalled this fittingly iconic Christine Sydelko vine Overall, I would give cocaine 2 stars But once I was into it, I really was in From clickbait worthy titles for emails, relatable budding crushes I like him so much I hope he can t tell , mental health, weird therapists in training, exploring your sexuality and labels, growing into yourself, the complexity behind friendships, finding your friend s crush online at the speed of light I m still laughing chinatownjake98 , and so much that left me both reeling and feeling alive.The dialogue entertaining as hell, by the way shared between Ava and Gen just began to flow so easily overtime, and I genuinely felt included on the fun and on the conversation, without actually having to experience any of the things they went through, which is low key my heaven Grow Flourish Experiment with things so I don t have to Also, the one liners in here are something else You would think that only one character would properly succeed at them, but that s thankfully not the case with I Hate Everyone But You On one side of the coin, we have screenwriter Ava Helmer who s not afraid to tell it like it is I just spent three hours gluing sparkle Greek letters to a poster board while twenty other girls gossiped about The Bachelorette like the contestants are real people and not robots hired by a massive corporation to fulfill their given duties and then disappear into minor Instagram fame And then we also have journalist Genevieve Goldman, whom I admire for a plethora of reasons, but mainly because she s impossible to define without using her own words one too many times Where do I fall, you might ask I don t subscribe to labels Unless I m labeling other people Their friendship, however, is the epitome of unconditional love They can always count on one another to put everything in perspective Plus, they never fail to be there on the other s side when needed It was inspiring to experience from the sidelines Not everyone hits it off immediately I fear that I ve ruined you for other women I am the best We all know that Sometimes you have to settle Whether it s bringing Ava out of her spiralling mind by reminding her of how utterly incredible she is and how she don t need no man, or by partying it up like a true college kid Genevieve Goldman is a piece of art Just remember Jake is a typical college guy who barely knows how to take care of himself Your self worth should not hang in the balance of his New Balances I feel like the only way I can visually show what their conversation left me like is through the one and only Jean Ralphio Quick question Remember winter formal sopho year when you told Chris R to kiss me and then he did on our way home and I didn t realize that you could breathe through your mouth while kissing and I suffocated Does that have to count as my first kiss Have I mentioned that I like Ava Also, on a serious note, I cannot stop thinking about this next passage talking about Ava s behavior with her caring parents I hate that I am my worst self around the two people who are nicest to me I m unable to keep my barriers up when I m around my parents, so all the ugly comes out Even when I m mad, I can feel the guilt spreading through my body, but the mad overrides it.I always apologize once it s passed, but that s not good enough I m 18 I can t freak out on my lovely, supportive parents anytime they say something I don t like I ve put them through enough She literally drove an hour to drive me 20 minutes and then sit in the waiting room while I went into another room and complained about her I am a terrible person These lines really just made me travel back in time to that exact emotion.But on a lighthearted note, the surprising fourth wall break dropped in the novel regarding Just Between Us made me shriek Which pretty much sums up the entirety of my reading experience, thinking Why can t I stop smiling What is this sorcery And though the ending did feel a tiny bit rushed with so much left in flux at the last minute, I still seriously applaud the authors for making 352 pages fly by without me even looking up from the book.Last but not least, I also listened to this next charming song during my reading time Note I m an Affiliate If you re interested in buying I Hate Everyone But You, just click on the image below to go through my link I ll make a small commission Support creators you love Buy a Coffee for nat bookspoils with Ko fi.com bookspoils `DOWNLOAD KINDLE ↽ I Hate Everyone But You ↶ Gaby Dunn and Allison Raskin s I Hate Everyone But You is a hilarious and heartfelt debut novel about new beginnings, love and heartbreak, and ultimately the power of friendship Dear Best Friend,I can already tell that I will hate everyone but you.Sincerely, Ava Helmer that brunette who won t leave you alone We re still in the same room, you weirdo.Stop crying.GSo begins a series of texts and emails sent between two best friends, Ava and Gen, as they head off to their first semesters of college on opposite sides of the country From first loves to weird roommates, heartbreak, self discovery, coming out and mental health, the two of them document every wild and awkward moment to each other But as each changes and grows into her new life, will their friendship be able to survive the distance