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A Wonderful BookI loved this book The author takes you on a stroll through the books of the Bible and highlights a story in each Book therein, and then shares a personal story that relates to the Scripture She concludes with a prayer, and questions to reflect upon in a prayer journal It is a wonderful choice for using as a daily prayer devotional I will be rereading it many times. This is a trustworthy supplement to daily Christian devotions It would make a great gift for a Christian woman The life stories were realistic and well written, running alongside each book of the Bible. [ READ KINDLE ] ♡ Jesus Loves Us Even Though: We are: Impractical, Impulsive, Impatient...Imperfect ⚇ Hey you Yes, you men, women, marrieds, singles, stay at home moms and dads and CEOs of fortunes new Christians, mature Christians, Mentors and Mentees who need and want a deeper and personal relationship with their Bibles this uniquely designed book was written with YOU in mind JESUS LOVES US EVEN THOUGHWE ARE IMPRACTICAL, IMPULSIVE, IMPATIENTIMPERFECT How well do you know the Book of Habakkuk Philemon Titus Joel, Amos or Jude Most traditional devotional study guides leave these lesser known Books of the Bible untouched and unknown However, JESUS LOVES US EVEN THOUGH focuses on EVERY Book of the Bible Inside you ll findSHORT but informative, imaginative and illuminating devotional studies one for every book of the Bible PLUS topical scriptures, thought provoking questions to answer alone or with friends and journaling helps to assist in a deeper dive into each issue and every book of God s Word In addition, each Bible book is succinctly described and explained in one short paragraph, at the beginning of each chapter In addition, at the end of each chapter is a prayer written just for you As you read let the Spirit move you to extend the prayer for your friends The Best part of JESUS LOVES US EVEN THOUGH is that it can be utilized in so many different ways Study alone, with a partner in a one to one equally yoked relationship or a Mentor Mentee partnership Or, Study with a small or large group Read one chapter and journal your thoughts every day Or, Read one chapter a week, a month or a year FOLLOW ALONG AT YOUR OWN PACE, IN YOUR OWN STYLE Althoughyears have passed since the Bible was written, Christians today are still facing many of the same issues and concerns as the ancient did Marriage, parenting, relationships, money worries, societal controversiesare all the same today Whether you re delving into your Bible alone or with friends, you ll find personal relevance to YOUR life inside each and every story The questions and journaling sections are designed to help YOU define your own thoughts and feelings on every subject Further, through the different book descriptions, at the beginning of each chapter from Genesis to Revelation you ll receive a basic understanding of the theme of each Bible book and its basic message, giving you a foundation to build upon for all future study Whether you re a new Christian or a seasoned believer whether you re studying alone or with friends this book is for YOU, written by someone who IS you a Christian woman with a busy, harried life Thank you to c Can Stock Photo Inc Kurhan for the front cover photo