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( Download ) ♶ Leveraged Buyouts: A Practical Introductory Guide to LBOs ♷ Leveraged buyouts LBOs are innovative and sometimes controversial transactions Loading a target company with the debt used to acquire it requires careful judgement, and getting the balance right between debt load and future performance can be a demanding challenge The financial analyst s role therefore sits at the heart of a successful leveraged buyout It is his or her analysis of a target company and a prospective LBO which lays the foundation for a viable deal or alerts parties to potential problemsThis book assists financial analysts by explaining both the principles involved in leveraged buyouts, as well as detailing the ins and outs of putting together an industry standard LBO analysisWritten by financial expert David Pilger, in lucid and accessible English it takes readers through the purpose, advantages, risks and outcomes of LBOs the typical players in an LBO deal step by step instructions on building an LBO analysis in Excel from sources of funds, through income statements, cost structure, interest, EBITDA, cash flow, debt paydown and returnsEminently practical and authoritative, this is an indispensable guide for any finance professional or student looking to master a vital area of modern finance By understanding the techniques and principles underlying LBO analysis, and by working through the model in this book, readers will acquire a deeper understanding of the LBO investor s perspective and be able to use these techniques as a practitioner in the financial industry