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3.5 stars Better than the first two books in my opinion The characters voices were closer to the television show Still, some of the scenes were a bit drawn out with clunky dialogue Overall, an enjoyable read and looking forward to the finale. This is the third in the 'Life on Mars' spin off series I have read the first two, which I remember a bitfondly than this one All the characters from the tv series are here, in loving reproduction, and yet, and yet one of the things which was so gripping about the show was the subtlety and ambiguity that Sam's situation was dealt with; in this book in particular there is a lot of 'telling not showing', so we have Nelson the barman basically outing himself as an angel at that point I really should have thrown in the towel, but I pushed through to the end The extended passage with Sam not listening as Annie tells him that he's got the wrong end of the stick in the current investigation was quite excruciating it made the plot work, (by putting Annie in danger! How amazingly original) but it didn't really allow Sam to be the Sam we all fell in love with In short, I won't be reading anyof these I think if anything they are tarnishing my memories of a great and original drama. 3.54 stars An enjoyable read but getting way too bogged down in myth and meaning I was glad to see a lotAnnie in this book, as she's been missing in the previous ones By now it's also pretty obvious what the purpose of these books are. And we hit the third of the series of four Life on Mars novels The events of this book finally catch up to the blatant foreshadowing of book one, so now I finally feel like I am where I'm supposed to be The Major Subplot advances a lot in this book, but is clearly a big setup for the events of book 4 All is spelled out We are solidly placed in the Ashes to Ashes universe here, and there is a nice conversation with Nelson the Barman where things that were implicit are now made explicit And Ray makes an offhand comment that, if you've seen Ashes to Ashes, becomes really sad Gene is starting to put some pieces together as well.The other plot, the Main Plot, about Borstal and Slags? It was pretty good It felt like an episode of Life on Mars Of the three books in the series I've read so far, this one's main plot was the most gripping There's a legit mystery here, and it gets resolved And the climax has some pretty suspenseful and scary moments.The two plots fit together very nicely as well, the least awkward melding of the three I've read Tom Graham has gotten better at writing these books; I feel a little bad there is only oneto go I could read severalBut given that he is adding on to a show that had a unambiguously definitive ending, and there was a sequel show that pretty much spelled out what happened after, it is quite a feat he found four books worth ofto say I haven't started the fourth book yet, but I am guessing there REALLY will be noto say after that one!Anyway I'm glad I read it If you are a Life on Mars fan, you will probably find it worth your time, too. Loved it By far the best out of the 3 so far So many little things reference Ashes, which is a great Gene is his usual lovable gobby self with fantastic Geneisms Really enjoyed the sneak peek first chapter of Get Cartwright, just wish it was summer already so I could read it. Absolutely my favorite of the three in the quartet I've read so far The case and the in depth look into Annie's past and the makeup of Gene's world were all very well done, and I'm looking forward to reading the final installment now :) |EPUB ⚕ Life on Mars ♴ Time to leap into the Cortina as Sam Tyler and Gene Hunt roar back into action in a brand new installment of Life on Mars‘Smell that borstal whiff, Tyler The heady aroma of BO spunk, and bunged up khazis And that’s just the staff who work here’It’s time to get tooled up and see who’s the daddy as DI Sam Tyler and DCI Gene Hunt find themselves pursuing justice on the wrong side of the prison walls in this third exciting instalment of Life on MarsA grisly death, a mysterious letter, and a runaway truck on the rampage – what is it that connects them, and why does it point towards the brutal regime at Friar's Brook borstal? Is Head Warder McClintock taking his obsession with control and punishment to murderous extremes? Or are there even darker forces at work amid the young criminal minds incarcerated behind those high walls?For Sam, Friar’s Brook will be far than just a police investigation What he encounters there threatens to tear his world apart I enjoyed this book muchthan the first two Looking forward to the conclusion in the next.