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I loved book 2 just as much as 1 It held drama galore Mak is still trying to be rescued from the hands of Nyheem dumb ass I wonder why he keeps stalking her It didn t make it no better to know that Kalil s right hand man was in on it also I m hoping in the next book Mak shows growth instead of just trying to act hard Let her take charge I m praying that both of them pulls through. LOVEThe book has a good plot but it was all over the place I had to re read parts of it several times to keep up who was doing what I hated how it ended but it did make the bookrealistic What is there gonna be a 3rd book this book can t end like this one of them have to survive please come out with a third one 4.28The beginning was a bit sluggish but the the ending was fantasticvery emotional. Unhappily ever afterThe book was very good but I definitely was not expecting that ending at all There was a lot not action in this but it compared to the first one. I enjoyed it..At first it was going all over the place Then it got really good The last few chapters kept me on the edge. Part 2 was better than part 1 All the lies came out and I didn t see some of them coming The ending was really sad I almost cried lol this was a great series I highly recommend &FREE ↷ Lovely Lies 2 ✓ After Makynzee s kidnapping, Kalil is left struggling to maintain his composure He was supposed to protect her and he failed miserably He s left tormented by thoughts of what Nyeem may be doing to Makynzee or if she s even alive One thing is for sure, He needs to regain his focus because now he s faced with the unlikely task of getting her back Nyeem, the psycho stalker turned kidnapper, has finally succeeded in conquering his ultimate goal making Makynzee his So what if she was in a perfectly good relationship with Kalil And does it really matter that he had to kidnap her to get her It seems as though he s taken full control of everyone s lives and has no intentions of letting that control go Because of him lives may be lost, Makynzee s fate is unknown, and the chaos he s brought with him has taken up permanent real estate I wasn t exactly sure how to take this one I mean it had my emotions all over the place You cheer, you wanna cry you cuss, you get happy then WHAT It kinda makes you want to watch your back all the time I can t say much without spoiling the story It s a true continuation of Lovely Lies I had aenjoyable time with the first book though and am actually on the fence about this one Just having a little trouble putting my thoughts into words for this one. My initial thought was Stupid book Made me cry.That is misleading though This is much like having a teenager I heard and saw some things that i could have gone the rest of my life without knowing I laughed, when I probably shouldn t have and cried on cue I knew this book would be worth every dime I paid for it I was intrigued for a change.