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`Download Pdf ☟ Macrobiotic Home Remedies: Your Guide to Traditional Healing Techniques ☠ It is simple in its approach, and powerful in its effect a diet of natural foods and the use of non invasive home remedies made from natural food products, designed to eliminate many symptoms of disease and strengthen your body s healing power It is a philosophy of healing rooted in centuries old traditions In the past, these traditions were passed from generation to generation by word of mouth Today, the macrobiotic movement embodies these dietary principles of natural healing Michio Kushi, a leading figure in this movement, has spent his life teaching thousands of people the macrobiotic way to health Here is an easy to understand book that puts his knowledge right at your fingertips MACROBIOTIC HOME REMEDIES is a comprehensive self help guide to hundreds of effective natural healing methods that can be used alone or in conjunction withstandard remedies methods that heal without drugs or invasive treatments The book is divided into four sections It begins by explaining the healing concepts of macrobiotics Part Two then provides an A to Z reference to over two hundred common health disorders Within each entry you ll find a general explanation of the problem, including the macrobiotic view, and helpful suggestions for relief Part Three details the numerous techniques and therapies suggested in Part Two Part Four presents over two hundred healing recipes referred to throughout the book For years, Michio Kushi has dedicated his life to teaching the macrobiotic way to better health Now the wealth of his knowledge is available to you and your family in this complete guide to this gentle, yet effective, art of healing