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Terrific teenage scifi space adventure! Fans of Anthony Horowitz, Eoin Colfer and Doctor Who will simply love this sensational story The first instalment in {what I predict will be} an epic series, introduces readers to Martin King’s extraordinarily wondrous world Many teens will dream of having superpowers and fighting against evil to ‘save the world’ {whether that be as the central hero or alongside others like in Sarah Jane’s gang} This thrilling trilogy pushes the boundaries by expanding upon preconceptions, with refreshing originality and exciting concepts!! Martin his friends sweep you off on an actionpacked adventure into the unknown Their mission is to save Earth from a deadly evil force known as XO5 What might seem upon the surface to be a simplistic storyline is unexpectedly deceptive, for there isthan meets the eye to this dangerous foe and to Martin himself Intensely gripping, nailbitingly suspenseful and dramatic this debut novel sets the scene for one of the most captivating YA science fiction stories I have read in a long time I am incredibly impressed by this outstanding novel Sat on the edge of my seat throughout I was lost within an outofthisworld, majestic masterpiece that combines reality alternate perceptions with vision and great premise The cast of colourful characters are highly memorable; each with their own individualistic traits and personalities that compliment and contrast one another harmoniously Reminiscent of Ron, Harry and Hermione this group of friends show such spirit and strength in the face of adversity that’s such an admirable quality I cannot wait to continue Martin king’s journey!! www Jamesmcgovern.co.uk – forinfo * I won a copy of Martin King and the space angels by James McGovern through a Goodreads, firstread giveaway * [[ READ KINDLE ]] ↡ Martin King and the Space Angels ✐ Martin King is in love with Darcy Williams, but he is afraid to tell her his true feelings.One evening, he is walking home with Darcy and his cousin Tommy when an alien approaches them His name is Falcon, and he is a member of a race called the Axis Lords Falcon explains that an evil force called XO5 is looking for an object of great value on Earth He gives the teenagers special powers and tells them that they must find the object before XO5.The teenagers soon find themselves involved in a massive, universal conspiracy Somehow, Martin is at the centre of it all But who really is the mysterious XO5 – and what does he want with Martin?Martin King and the Space Angels is the first book in the Martin King trilogy. I was happy to have a won a copy of this book from the author through Library Thing Thank you!Overall, this book was an enjoyable, exciting and entertaining read James McGovern's creativity seeps through the pages of this highly unique scifi fantasy story I was easily drawn into this other worldly adventure and was surprised by how much I was enjoying it But About halfway through the story I started getting confused Who is telling the truth? Who is lying? What the heck is going on? On top of this, the story was wrapping up even though there were plenty of pages still left to read This is when the story started bouncing back and forth between present day, one year later, two weeks previously, two weeks later, and a trip back in time I found it hard to keep up with The story also felt rushed at times and then wrapped up rather quickly I do feel, however, that this book would appeal to children, teens and young adults My two boys, ages 12 13, will be reading this soon. I'd class this book for 9 – 14 yearolds, though I enjoyed it myself as a parent.It covers a vast amount of genres that are appealing to this readership: Fantasy, Magic,Time travel, Space travel, Pirates, Superpowers, Young romance, Family issues, Adventure, Mystery and many .The fast pace will hold the attention of a reader of this age group and there isn't time to get distracted.Highly marketable. Some time ago, James McGovern, the author of Martin King and the Space Angels contacted me to see if I would be interested in reviewing this book Of course I was interested, but since I don't tend to open up the kindle app, it took me some time to start this book Once I started this book though, I managed to finish it in about an hour.Martin King and the Space Angels is about the titular protagonist Martin King, his love interest Darcy and his best friend and cousin Tommy as they save the world from an evil force called XO5.The good points of this book is that it's a readable book with an interesting plot I was genuinely interested in finding out what happens next, and of course, if the book was boring, I might not have even finished it.However, the book suffers from some pacing issues, which do affect the plot This book can be broken into at least two, ideally three books, in order to fully develop the adventure and the characters Right now, I can identify two main story arcs: the save the earth arc and the showdown with XO5 arc The save the earth arc was the longer and better developed arc But, around the end of that arc, to the end of the book, the story gets very rushed, which make certain character developments unbelievable Personally, I think the book would be even better if it was divided into one book about saving the earth (and expanding the last section to make the change in certain characters, like Martin's dad and Moonstone,believable), one book about the next "mission" to save Hope and a last book about the final showdown with XO5 I believe that if the book was further developed, not only the plot and pacing would be improved, but the characters would become evenwelldeveloped.Overall, this book has an interesting plot and is easy to read However, it does suffer from pacing issues and could be developed a lot further.Disclaimer: I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.This review was first posted at Inside the mind of a Bibliophile I received an ebook from the author through LibraryThing in exchange for an honest review.Martin King and the Space Angels is a quick and interesting read about three teenagers who find themselves on a quest to save Earth from destruction James McGovern creates a fascinating world with mysterious Axis Lords and powerful entities called the Wheelmaster and XO5 The action is fastpaced right through to the end As a fan of the fantasy genre, I love being able to immerse myself into wondrous worlds, such as Middle Earth and Hogwarts, with the help of rich descriptions and details While reading this book, however, I found myself craving fordetails that were needed to fully enjoy the world of Martin King.**Warning: spoilers below**We know that the Axis Lords are from another galaxy, they're technologically advanced, they have lifespans numbering in the thousands of years, etc I would have likedinformation that could address such questions as: why are the Axis Lords' technology similar to human inventions from the Victorian age? (for instance, what specific interactions/influences led to these similarities) How does their mode of transportation work? How does Slater's alarm system detect Axis Lords in danger? (particularly, how was it triggered when Kara was pretending to be in danger? Maybe she did put herself in real danger in order to get their attention, but we don't know for sure) What exactly is happening to the Earth when it was in the process of being destroyed? I also would have liked to knowabout the main characters earlier on so that I could better relate to them and sympathize with them during their journey They did grow on me eventually.Overall, I enjoyed this book and would love to readabout the world of Martin King in the future. Falcon is an Axis Lord on the planet Hope, his job is to protect Prince Agamon against any threats Falcon learns that XO5 is due to strike again and plans to destroy planet Earth The people of Hope have a strict rule on noninterference However, Falcon can not stand aside and let another planet be destroyed He defies his people and travels to Earth to meet the three destined to save the planet.Everything points to Martin King together with his friends Darcy and Tommy as the only ones that can save Earth from total destruction by the evil XO5 Martin must place his trust in many strangers, some from another world, to guide him on his journey towards destroying XO5 But who can he trust? Many things are not as they seem on the surface.What a great adventure it was to join Martin, Darcy and Tommy as they discover they are the ones destined to save the planet from imminent destruction Some very unique storylines and expertly written with young teen (11) science fiction readers in mind There was a lot going on in this story Lots of action and twists left the reader questioning who was good and who was evil There was no time to get bored Martin and his friends managed to get themselves in and out of many scapes visiting different worlds and meeting people who may not be who they seem to be The little side story of Martin’s affection for Darcy was very cute and I think McGovern did this exceptionally well.Looking forward to the next edition in the Martin King series and hope to see Martin’s character developand gain some confidence Would also like to seeuse of the trio’s super powers.I received this ebook from the Author to read and review (I received this book for free as part of Goodreads First Reads giveaways).(This review may contain spoilers).I found this book to be quite an interesting, entertaining read.I've always like science fiction books When I was much younger, I used to devour them like Star Wars tiein novels, Anne McCaffrey books and so on.I thought this book showed some similarities with the Johnny trilogy (Johnny and the Dead, etc.), though there were quite a few differences The blurb of the book actually gave away very little of the storyline.I think one of the things I liked about this book was the fact that, although the characters did get powers, they didn't use them all the time I also really liked the characters though I felt Tommy could have been developed a bit .I liked the Axis Lords or, rather, the ones who appearedI particularly liked Mr Slater and Levante, but I would have liked a bitinformation about them such as why their race has three lives.The thing with Moonstone was quite interesting I liked that she came across as awellrounded character.I did particularly like Martin and his relationship with Darcy I also felt that the thing with his father came across really well I could really relate to what he went through with having an alcoholic parent.The book, on the whole, was wellwritten, with very few mistakes, if any I would definitely be interested in readingbooks by this author and in this trilogy in the future. I won an Ebook of this from LibraryThing in exchange for an honest review The book had a really interesting story line I think McGovern had a great idea for a book But the writing is pretty amateurish There is no character development, the relationships are shallow, and the dialogue is only included to advance the plot This book is very plotdriven There are multiple plot lines that occur throughout the book, all of which are very interesting, however, they all felt rushed and none of them are very indepth It feels like McGovern had a bunch of great ideas and threw them all together without really knowing how to connect and develop them The word choice is slightly repetitive and at times I had a hard time accepting that the characters would really have gone along with everything so easily (they hardly even questioned a stranger telling them the world was going to end and that they were the only ones who could save it) Also, McGovern kept writing himself into a corner and relied a little too heavily on deus ex machina to solve these issues Overall, it is a good story and had a good cliffhanger at the end of the epilogue Quick read, but overall very underdeveloped. Being a keen reader of YA fantasy books i was really excited when i heard of this book and it's safe to say, i was not disappointed!Martin King and the Space Angels is the type of book that makes you unaware of what twist could be lying on the other page At some points i was genuinely worried for the characters The author has a special way of gripping a reader tight and not letting go until the book is finished and leaving you wanting ! Having found out this is the first part of a series, i am really excited for the release of the second and third? This book has everything; Teen romance, superpowers, the aspect of family concern and even time travel! This book is a must read for fans the fantasy and/or outer space genres! I will be recommending this book to everyone i know! Fantastic Job!While reading this book i really couldn't help but picture it as a film! I hope in the future you will get that opportunity James! Thank you for such a good read!