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.FREE PDF ⚓ Messianic Torah with Commentary...Plus!: a Messianic Chumash Matthew! ♵ The Messianic Torah with CommentaryPlus MTC , is a Chumash with each parasha marked, and a hyperlink to the Haftorah which is located in the end notes The Plus is the addition of the book of Matthew The MTC includes links to passages in the NT and TaNaK, and was compiled with the follower of Yeshua in mind All Hebrew words used in the notes have definitions and transliterations The MTC is not made to be a reference butof an everyday reader In the MTC we have tried to explore the Jewish culture and world in which the words were written to help the student understand and apply them to modern life The text of the MTC is taken from a modified public domain American Standard version The new edition of the MTC includes several new features The first and most obvious is the addition of the book of Matthew from the st century CE Jewish book, the New Testament NT also known as the Apostolic Scriptures Matthew is added after the book of Deuteronomy The comments in Matthew are a littledevotional in nature than those in the Torah but stay with the Messianic Hebrew cultural view that is being emphasized in this workTo access the haftorah go to the blue link that gives the scripture reference for that parashahs haftorah Then click on the number to the right of the reference This will take you to the end notes where the haftorah is given in blue To return to the text simply click the number again from the end notes and it will take you back to the text of that parashahThe Haftorah sections in the MTC reflect several different Jewish traditions When we were looking for Haftorot to place in the text we did not use all Azkenazi or Sefardi Most of the time we used one of those two prominent groups, but we also looked at the Yemeni and Romani traditions The Yemeni is the oldest Jewish community, and the Romani reflect the eastern Jewish traditions for which our early Fathers in the faith were probably associated We tended to go with the Haftorah reading that we felt spoke to Messianics the best The next new feature has to do with the notes themselves As in the old edition, to see the notes the reader can simply scroll to the end of each page and read what is written, then back up to the text The new option is that if you click on the number for the note it will take you to an endnote copy of the note The endnote copy will show all the notes for the whole MTC without the Biblical texts This allows the student to skip to the commentary alone if so desired That way a search can be done to look for things such as Hebrew words and other points of interest When a comment looks interesting click that number and it will take you to the text that the comment references Click the number a second time and you are back in the comments to continue your searchThe third new feature involves s of hyperlinks within the text In places such as Levwhere the Feasts and Festivals are listed there are blue links to other places in the Torah where the same Festivals are discussed Click on the link and it will take you to the other reference Click again and you are back where you startedFinally, we have corrected as many of the spelling, typing, and grammatical errors as we could in this edition of the MTC We have also added some new comments and re written comments that we thought were unclear Hebrew fonts have been typed in a bold font to make themobviousIF YOU HAVE THE ORIGINAL version of the MTC and would like to get the updated MTC you can do so for FREE The way that you can get the new version for free is to make a phone call This will take a minute or two but has the benefit of being free Call and have the ASIN BOYENRY of the MTC ready The second and third digits are the numberThe fourth digit is the capital letter O We are told the digital team at Kindle will update everything for free