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note to self don t assume i ll like a book just because the title is a pun.review to come 2 stars hehe minor dramas because this is a book about small emotional events and also about children s theaterdrama performed by minorsha ha ha yay puns thanks to the publisher for the ARC (((FREE EBOOK))) ☚ Minor Dramas & Other Catastrophes ☂ Perfect For Fans Of Where D You Go, Bernadette And Small Admissions, A Wry And Cleverly Observed Debut Novel About The Privileged Bubble That Is Liston Heights High The Micro Managing Parents, The Overworked Teachers, And The Students Caught In The Middle And The Fallout For Each Of Them When The Bubble Finally BurstsIsobel Johnson Knows Helicopter Parents Like Julia Abbott A Stage Mom Whose World Revolves Around Interfering In Her Children S Lives Come With The Territory Julia Resents Teachers Like Isobel, Who Effortlessly Bond With Students, Including Julia S Own Teenagers, Who Have Started Pulling Further Away From HerIsobel Has Spent Her Teaching Career In Liston Heights Side Stepping The Community S High Powered Families But When She Receives A Threatening Voicemail Accusing Her Of Anti Americanism And A Blatant Liberal Agenda, She Realizes She S Squarely In The Fray Rather Than Cowering, Isobel Doubles Down On Her Social Justice Ideals Meanwhile, Julia, Obsessed With The Casting Of The High School S Winter Musical, Inadvertently Shoves The Female Student Lead After Sneaking Onto The School Campus The Damning Video Footage Goes Viral And Has Far Reaching Consequences For Julia And Her Entire FamilyWith Nothing To Unite Them Beyond The Sting Of Humiliation From Public Meltdowns, Isobel And Julia Will Find Common Ground Where They Least Expect It, Confronting A Secret Facebook Gossip Site That S Stirring Up Trouble For This Tumultuous, Fractured School Community I enjoyed both Where d You Go Bernadette and Small Admissions, which, in the marketing copy, this book is compared to It shouldn t be It does feature those insufferable helicopter parents that I don t know personally but have read about Maybe it s because I m not a parent myself and I grew up in the days that preceded Law and Order being on TV twenty four hours a day on multiple channels, so my parents let my sister and me play outside all day and simply figured we d show up at dinner when we got hungry Their idea of interfering in our studies was taking us to the library every week so we could read all the books we wanted.The students in this novel are all wonderful The villains are the adults Not just the parents, who were far worse than any character from the movie Mean Girls, but also some of the teachers and administrators who only want to not anger the parents getting the students to actually think for themselves is obviously too subversive because then they might not agree with their parents on everything Maybe if I recognized parents like that, I would have liked the distinctive soap opera drama over things that were outstandingly trivial , but this story line just didn t quite do it for me.Thanks to NetGalley for the opportunity to read this book, which RELEASES FEBRUARY 4, 2020. Another winning from our not our normal read stack of books that Elisha from Berkley sends our way Minor Dramas Other Catastrophes by Kathleen West was such a great surprise for me and I loved the different take she took on high school politics, the privileged bubble and those overbearing parents known as helicopter parents She takes an interesting and sharp look through helicopter mother Julia who becomes the gossip of the school and teacher Isobel whose teaching methods come under fire by those helicopter parents They find themselves each with a different conflict that catches up to them on social media and through the students POV, we see how they become the ones with the voice of reason.The clean tone and tight plotting around the adults behaving badly keeps the drama low and there is no teenage drama, allowing the story to be fun and entertaining from start to finish.I received a copy from the publisher. MINOR DRAMAS OTHER CATASTROPHES had me hooked when I started the book This is a very timely book with a lot of relevance to what is happening in the world today The story revolves around a parent harassing a teacher I believe people will be enthralled by this book, which I highly recommend I actually believe this novel is of 4.5 stars Julia Abbott is a parent of two Liston Heights high school students Her son, Andrew, is trying out for the school s latest theater production, and Julia is determined that he be given a speaking role this time around after all, didn t the Abbott family just donate enough money to fund the school s entire costume department On the day the cast list is posted, Julia can t wait any longer to know if Andrew made the cut She secretly enters the school to check the list but, in her rushed excitement, accidentally punches a student in the stomach Unfortunately for Julia, the student is the lead actress of the play and also happens to be the daughter of her husband s close business associate Julia hightails it out of the school, but not before another student records the whole interaction on his phone and posts it online Now Julia is in deep trouble, so she s doing everything she can to divert attention away from her scandal and onto someone else s.Isobel Johnston is a respected English teacher at Liston Heights High School, where she teaches classic literature to her privileged students while gently encouraging them to look deeper into the texts so they can better understand the world beyond the bubble they live in She considers herself a successful and dedicated teacher whose teaching style is unique and slightly subversive, yes, but also still appreciated by students, parents, and school administrators alike So when she receives a voicemail at home from an anonymous parent accusing her of pushing a Marxist agenda through her lessons on The Great Gatsby, she doesn t quite know what to make of it She tries not to worry too much, since, surely, no other parents could feel this way, too Right MY THOUGHTS As someone who lives in a very competitive school district, often cited as one of the best in the country, I can so relate to this book My kids are still in elementary school, but I already see helicopter moms like Julia working their magic, making their moves, staking their claims While there are PLENTY of normal parents who are just doing the best they can for their kids, there s no denying that the posh overachieving parent cliques are forming and they mean business, bitch Julia Abbott is intense and extreme, but, for me, she is completely believable And her craziness coupled with Isobel s earnest, albeit naive, sincerity makes for a compelling novel I was hooked from page one.But one of the aspects of the novel that I appreciate most is the students themselves specifically, their willingness to take a stand for what they believe in, to right the wrongs they could and feel powerful enough to take charge of their own lives, even when that meant going against the wishes of their parents I love that author Kathleen West gives these students power She allows them to have strong voices in the story It made the book better, and, frankly, made me feel hopeful Millennials get a bad rap so often, but I see a theme of personal empowerment and strength in this generation that I didn t experience as a teenager It really makes me believe these kids are capable of accomplishing big things Huge thank you to Berkley for the ARC See of my book reviews at www.bugbugbooks.com The drama llama was running amuck There are quite a few POV s here, but I really enjoyed seeing things from different perspectives. Really enjoyed this I loved getting the different perspectives from the characters and seeing how their actions and behaviors affected those around them There was a lot to think about in the case of schools and how teachers are influencing children There was a lot to think about with helicopter parents There was a lot to think about unwarranted pressures from others I really enjoyed this a lot. PICK IT UP IMMEDIATELY.This novel is so nuanced and covers a variety of different social issues without being preachy The character development in this books is fantastic as is the way it is told from many different POV which all intersect is superb. Reading along in Minor Dramas Other Catastrophes, I came across so many wildly true aspects of school life, and found it fascinating to see them through a teacher s eyes, as well as a helicopter parent s If you like social media, and the inside scoop on the harm as well drama, humor and havoc it can create at school, this book is for you Loved it Looking forward to West s next novel, which I hear is underway