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What separates us from nearly all other living things is the ability to contemplate our end Few books approach death form as many different angles as this little gem Composed of 46 short essays by as many different writers, the reader is allowed to see, and process, death from a myriad perspectives and beliefs Nearly each essay will leave a mark, and all will follow you in your thoughts for a while to come. A motley collection of essays about death by Mormons Some essays were humorous, some heartrending Interesting thoughts all It s an abyss we ironically don t like to look into very often or carefully, but life and death have a way of forcing our hand. This is a book full of essays on death, seemingly from a Mormon outlook, although I doubt that allegation Some were truly inspiring, others thoughtful, and still others just plain off the wall I bought this book fromand read it on my electronic reader It was poorly organized as an e book There were no page numbers and I had to swipe backwards to continue reading It was extremely difficult to navigate through the book. Wonderful pieces, excellently edited and arranged Many are heart breaking Harrell, Gibson and thought provoking Peck Maybe most memorable is Jonathan Penny s fiction about a post zombie apocalypse, in which the Mormons learn to deal with death in a different way, and learn to change their worship style to a silent one, since the zombies key into sound He scooped A Quiet Place. |Download Book ☢ Moth and Rust: Mormon Encounters with Death ☲ In Mormonism we are sometimes seemingly casual about death it s a veil or a mission call to the spirit world But our actual encounters with the reality of death inevitably change us in ways that are difficult to articulate In this collection, Mormon writers wrestle with mortality and its aftermath A family sings a hesitant rendition of Happy Birthday to a grief stricken mother who buried who toddler just a few hours earlier an agnostic son decides he s Mormon enough to arrange a funeral for his believing father Some essays use death as a means to understand faith One author imagines a world where Heavenly Mother visits her children in the form of their female ancestors, appearing to her descendants in times of grief or pain Others address practicalities how do you protect your children from death while still allowing them to experience the world how do you get through one nausea ridden day of cancer treatment Still others delve into death s questions does the overwhelming suffering that occurs in the animal kingdom have a function in the plan of happiness Sometimes humorous, sometimes heartbreaking, always thought provoking, these personal essays, poems, and stories may never be heard at a Mormon funeral But they probably should be