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Ce kit est tout simplement parfait pour les novices comme moi.Tout d abord, visiblement mieux qu un kit Velleman car ce kit est complet, inutile de courir sans cesse au magasin car il vous manque un truc ou l autre pour raliser vos exercices.Ce kit permet une premire approche de l arduino, en commencant par les quelques bases indispensable connaitre tel que qu est ce qu une rsistance, un transistor, une diode rappel de la loi d ohm, montage en srie, en parallleEnsuite, on rentre dans le vif du sujet, ce kit comprend 15 exercices raliser avec une carte arduino UNO fournies dans le kit ainsi que tous les diffrents lments dont vous aurez besoin pour raliser les 15 exercices.Chaque exercices permet d utiliser des composants diffrents led, bouton poussoir, potentiomtre, servomoteur, moteur courant continu, photorsistance Les exercices sont extr mement bien expliqu et trs bien amen A chaque exercice, une mise en situation est cre pour expliquer le but du projet et nous faire r ver.La ralisation des exercices est plut t simple mais ne vous contentez pas de simplement copier le code, chercher le comprendre si vous voulez pouvoir dvelopper des projets seul par aprs Prenez donc la peine de lire les zones de textes explicatives Pour ma part, gr ce ce kit achet il y a 2 mois et gr ce aux infos que l on peut trouver sur internet, j ai put dvelopper ma propre porte automatique pour mon poulailler Oui je sais a se trouve en magasin mais j aime faire les choses moi m me et de plus en magasin chez moi a coute 170 euros et la mienne je l ai ralise pour 40 euros, sans compter que mon systme est bien mieux dvelopp que ceux mis dans le commerce.Le mien, une fois install, plus jamais besoin d y toucher pour changer les heures ou quoi que ce soitJe vous encourage donc a exprimenter ce kit qui vous fera halluciner sur l tendue de chose possible de raliser en faite tout ce qu il te passe par la t te, gr ce l arduino, il est possible de le raliserCrativit et esprit logique sont bien entendus ncessaire pour des dveloppements personnels Bon amusement vous bought as present for 86 year old with no previous experience of electronics or computer coding I also bought the Dummies Guide He loves it he created a mother board then asked me to download software to his laptop he is still learning how to use a laptop that would allow him to use the standard codes to cause the light on the motherboard to start flashing A look of pure joy on his face when it worked You can use it to learn how electronics work or how computer code makes things happen in the real world The instruction book is of very high quality and very, very easy to follow I would encourage every parent to purchase this for their children and children to purchase it for their parents to keep their minds active Highly, highly recommended.The instruction book is written for a number of laptop languages including Windows XP and Windows 8 but not Windows 10 Didn t find it a problem. 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This is genuine Arduino item extremely well packaged and presented and as far as I can see by doing comparisons supersedes the original Arduino UNO starter kit I bought this in preference to the clones which are significantly cheaper primarily because I felt that I ought to give myself the best chance of success time to use the clones once I know what I am doing Altho a fully qualified engineer I decided to work my way thro the projects in the book an age thing I never used to as I have not played with these particular devices before and I found the book was very useful even though I knew the theory behind the ccts the practice of setting up etc as advised was very good and it shows both a cct diagram and a picture of the completed board If you are a cct designer you will probably find it a bit simple but this is a starter kit It also introduces you to the programming of these devices if you have MicroSoft Basic programming experience you should have no problem programming this device the languages are not the same but there are obvious similarities There are also many on line tutorials but I can already see some very useful ideas projects that I can implement on my model railway Some beginner comments cognoscenti look away now Check all the components before doing anything else It is worth having a simple multimeter to check the resistors as some are 4 band and some 5 get it wrong and you might blow the LEDs or the cct may not work if you are knocking on a bit it is also worth having a magnifying glass to see some of the bands particularly the yellows I actually labelled each section not each resistor on the resistor strip with the value to save time later.Note in doing setup the wooden mounting plate is now plasticI found it useful to put in a small 3mm deep 4mm o.d collar between the plastic mounting board and the Uno itself on each fixing bolt as the soldered connections on the back of the board can otherwise interfere with the level seating of the Uno on the board not essential but..it does allow you to tighten up mounting bolts without distorting the UNO PCB.Additional tools I found useful are tweezers for picking up components, and a pair of narrow snipe nose pliers some of the holes in the breadboard are a wee bit tight and the component legs need to be pushed in quite firmly to seat properly the pliers are for the fumbly fingered among us they allow you to grasp the leg very close to the hole so the leg doesn t buckle as you push Finally the LEDS note once installed you cannot tell which is the long leg and which the short because unlike the diagrams the LED legs are straight I put a kink in the long leg if you do do this make sure you hold the leg adjacent to the LED and put the kink on the open leg side not the LED side DO NOT bend or strain the leg at the point it joins the LED you may well break the LED All in all I am very happy with my seriously discounted purchase and am already plotting which add on shields I need. High quality packaging and products within.To definitely get your moneys worth on this one.With the book included it makes it nice and easy to follow and outlines the fundamental basics of how and why the product is used.For me the book is the reason for the high review It is of a high quality Very detailed and down to the basic level.First project in parallel circuit Takes a litttle while for me as I have sausage fingers So placing the wires can be fiddley.Only gripe was the box was a little torn So I ve had to repair with some tape But hey that s life and it s only a box.I have seen reviews online about the starter book being wrong with technical data but I ve yet to notice them My education level is of HNC in mechanical engineering UK I work in a mechanical electrical maintenance job.Would highly recommend to anyone looking to learn some electronics and code. *Free Kindle ↽ Arduino Starter Kit pour débutants K020007 [manuel en français]: Amazon.fr: High-tech ☛ Starter kits pour arduino version officiel ou modlesStarter kits pour arduino Vous trouverez ci dessous une slection complte de starter kits et de kits de dmarrage pour Arduino Ces derniers sont disponibles dans des versions proposes avec les arduino officiels ou dans des versions proposes avec des platines compatibles arduinoarduino starter kit OSOYOO Robot Car Starter Kit for Arduino UNO R STEM Remote Controlled Educational Motorized Robotics for Building Programming Learning How to Code IOT Mechanical DIY Coding for Kids Teens Adults , surtoiles, Recevez le jeudijuillet Livraison GRATUITE parMegaStarter Kit Ultra % compatible avec Arduino IDE avecArduino Starter Kit Multi language Arduino Official Quickly and easily get started with learning electronics using the Arduino Starter Kit, which have a universal appeal to STEAM fans at home, businesses in STEAM industries, and schools alike No prior experience is required, as the kits introduce both coding and electronics through fun, engaging, and hands on projects Arduino starter kit Achat Vente pas cher ARDUINO STARTER KIT D une faon pratique, ce kit vous initie aux bases de l Arduino et l lectronique Vous pourrez construireprojets l aide de composants qui vous permettront de contrler le monde physique grce aux capteurs et aux contrleurs Starter kit officiel Arduino generationrobots Kit de dmarrage Arduino Kit de dmarrage Arduino comprenant une carte Arduino Uno, des composants lectroniques standards ainsi qu un livre deprojets raliser Ce kit lectronique est idal pour dbuter avec Arduino Ma liste de souhaitsstarter kit arduino OSOYOO Robot Car Starter Kit for Arduino UNO R STEM Remote Controlled Educational Motorized Robotics for Building Programming Learning How to Code IOT Mechanical DIY Coding for Kids Teens Adults , surtoiles, Recevez le mardijuin Livraison GRATUITE parUNIROI Starter Kit with Free Tutorials, R Board, Breadboard, Sensor, USBQuel est le meilleur kit Arduino pour dbuter ArduinoLa Carte Arduino Mega, connue sous le nom de Mega ADK, fait notamment partie du kit de dveloppement pour Android Cette carte peut tre relie un smartphone Android pour utiliser tous les capteurs du tlphone Cela tant, elle procure certaines perspectives en matire de robotiquekit arduino Arduino Starter Kit pour dbutants K manuel en franais , surtoiles Recevez le jeudijuillet Livraison GRATUITE parAutres vendeurs sur,offres de produits d occasion et neufs Classe d efficacit nergtique As Choice relatif kit arduino ELEGOO Carte Starter Kit de Dmarrage Super avec Guide dKit de dmarrage ArduinoL lectronique pour vous Kit de dmarrage ArduinoL lectronique pour vous Le kit de dmarrage Gravity Genuino Arduinode DFRobot est un kit de dbutant absolu pour commencer avec Arduino GenuinoIl est livr avecprojets avec easy Arduino Starter Kit Manuel en Franais Topic Arduino Starter Kit Manuel en Franais Readtimes previous topic next topic didierheck Newbie PostsKarmaArduino Starter Kit Manuel en Franais Dec pm Bonjour, J ai achet pour mon fils un Starter Kit Je voulais savoir si il existait une version franaise du manuel depages livr dans le kit Merci d avance Cordialement, Didier