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Terry is absolutely perfect I ve spent a good part of my life going through all of Terry s books, having caught book one when it was first released and this one doesn t disappoint in the slightest I can t wait to see where this series goes More please Spellbinding page turner I ve been reading spellmonger voraciously since the beginning It just seems to age better and better with each new book Cant wait for the next 10 books. WowThis has to be a new record for me eight hours to read 1100 pages This is one of the best books I have ever read I haven t had an author do so well at drawing me into a story since Anne McCaffrey The book left me ready to cry at the thought of waiting a year for the next one Every characters story was well told and brought many needed answers. WOWBy far the best book so far from terry although i wish they were all this long you can see how he has improved during the series And to hear there are another 20 books plus cadet stories and shorts Again thank you and good luck Terry. Love this book love the series just wish TM would write faster. FantasticTerry once again nails his release If you ve made it this far in to the Spellmonger series you won t be disappointed. Excellent as alwaysI have been a fan since 2009 when the first book Spellmonger came out Since then I remain entralled I can t wait for the next book in the series *Ebook ↾ Necromancer (The Spellmonger, #10) ⇮ Company s Coming Just when Baron Minalan the Spellmonger figured out there was a slim chance to restore his mind shattered wife Alya if he s willing to journey to the undercaverns of Olum Seheri, the lair of Korbal the Necromancer , things start to go awry not only does Prince Tavard, his unloved liege lord, decide to conduct an official state visit to Sevendor on pilgrimage to the Everfire on the Briga s feast day, but a mysterious seamage appears at his door with an intriguing offer from the Sea Folk who rule Callidore they want to buy snowstone An entire mountain of it Between feuding factions of Alka Alon and the contentious nobility of his own kingdom, Minalan is already in arcane intrigue up to his pointy hat, but when the foremost wizard of the age has problems, he also has resources Before the pilgrimage concludes it sets mighty actions in their courses, and even the gods elect to intervene publicly in Minalan s life Minalan realizes that he has little choice but to consider an impossible quest into the heart of his enemy s realm, to the caverns of the dead, themselves, if he is to resolve the many conflicts in play He must recover an ancient artefact of the Sea Folk known as the Handmaiden, and in order to do so he will have to organize the most audacious raid on the most horrific foe in humanity s history on Callidore Who else but Minalan the Spellmonger has the magic stones to challenge the undead might of the Necromancer Loved itIncredible Terry has continued to improve his writing and push his boundaries I think this book is one of his best to date Can t wait for the next one. Terry Mancour has proven once again, that he is one of the most ingenious Sci fi fantasy authors of all time.The sheer scale of the world of the spellmonger is breath taking In this tenth full length novel in the series, he really has triumphed with his world building style melded into fast paced often breathtaking action scenes The central battle of this chapter came the closest I ve read to Tolkiens grand scale of wars between titans of good vs evil than any other contemporary fantasy author has managed in a long time Where most authors would have ended their books at the conclusion of the gargantuan raid upon the evil Necromancers lair We re only halfway through the book The world building is truly fascinating as well as very well researched, I particularly love the deep level of detail about the rights and privileges of medieval lords and their serfs, combining their realistic daily struggles, grievances, triumphs, and aspirations, with well researched historical vocabulary, at times I felt like I was doing an undergraduate degree in Europian medieval feudal society At no point does it become tiresome or boring, with Terry Mancours witty gossipy style of dialogue and observations of his characters.As the author notes in the afterward, this is the final chapter of the first third of his story arc 10 full size novels so far, with dozens of short stories novellas set in the same world At no point so far have I felt the frustration one sometimes gets when an author seems to pad out the middle books with extra characters, side story arcs with only a tangential link to the main plot Terry has created a world where I have really empathized with his main character, sharing in his triumphs, his vicarious pleasures when seeing his own apprentices and peers triumph, and his melancholic despair and heartbreaking reactions to adversary and post traumatic scars of conflict and feudal politicsI cannot recommend this.Well done Terry