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#EPUB ⚺ No Lipstick in Lebanon ä Her devout mother was firmly against it But as a teenager drifting through the drudgery of Addis Ababa s slums, the possibility of earning dollars as a maid in Beirut was irresistible Why shouldn t a poor Ethiopian girl choose her own destiny Except Meron Lemma had no idea what she was doing The ugly truth hit Meron as she peered down thirteen storeys to the street below from her tempestuous Beirut penthouse Trapped and mistreated by the harsh Madame and callous offspring, Meron wondered if she d return to her mother in a coffin Was jumping the only escape Rich with bi cultural detail, No Lipstick in Lebanon is typical for Ethiopia s domestic servants in Beirut today, succumbing to un investigated horrors within respectable family homes Here, through the escalating suspense endured by our heroine, the unremitting Hell of Lebanese servitude is laid bare An amazing story, Watson Little Literary Agency Heart wrenching, Susijn Literary Agency Extraordinary, Eve White Literary Agency