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With No Safeword Matte Happily Ever After, Candace Blevins has finished her 4 book Safeword No Safeword Matte series It chronicles the relationship of Samantha Sam McGinnis and Ethan Levi Sam is a divorce lawyer petite in size, but physically and mentally strong, as well as fiercely independent She did not want, or need, a man to take care of her, either financially or in any other way Ethan, a physically large and imposing man, is an independent business owner and Sam s equal in all things except sexually he is a dominant sadist, she is a submissive masochist In other words, they are a perfect match Experiencing how these two strong individuals learn to merge their lives has been a pleasure.As in all her Safeword books Matte, Rainbow, Quinacridone, Davenport and Davenport Chiffon , Ms Blevins portrays individuals who could be anyone in your life Outwardly, they lead typical American lives Granted, some of the events portrayed in her book are there to provide literary drama, such as Sam s shooting and the winning of national MMA titles by both Sam and Ethan at the same time, but Ms Blevins is a master at writing a story which make such events both believable and possible The same can also be said for Ms Blevins portrayal of the characters sexual evolution The play scenes portrayed in the book do, at times, approach the very edge of extreme, but they never depict acts which are not within the norm in a sane and consensual lifestyle As always, they are interwoven within the storyline so seamlessly that they enhance the story and, very important to this genre, are very, very hot The key to Candace Blevins stories, for me, has been her ability to provide rich, detailed descriptions of the events which the characters experience, which results in the reader being drawn into the scene without being overwhelmed, or bored, by them More importantly, it has made the characters real and thus the reader comes to love them as human beings, not merely words on a page Another reward Ms Blevins gives her readers of the Safeword stories is that, while the book series may end, the characters do not Her setting for all her Safeword stories has primarily been Chattanooga, Tennessee, and her lead characters in one book often appear as secondary characters in another So, while this may be the end of the Matte series, it isn t the end of Sam and Ethan It wouldn t surprise me to see them make appearances in Ms Blevins new book, Safeword Arabesque, as well as any future Safeword books she may write. Reviewed by Jaycee for Books N Cozy Spots Book Reviews, www.Talon ps.comI believe it is completely fair to say, in two spare words IN TENSE Okay, three words add epic to the mix because this is a long, full, deep, sometimes uncomfortable and always honest conclusion to this Act of Sam and Ethan s life together.I expected certain things to happen in this installment I expected Sam s court case to wrap up and I expected some, shall we say consequences, from the preamble of this particular arc I did not expect what did happen, but it fit much better than my idea would have Good planning, Ms Blevins I loved that there was no quick fix, and I really, really loved that medically speaking, the course and the lingo were pretty much spot on It rang true and it was skillfully woven with the everyday life as well as the life changes that were affecting both Sam and Ethan.I expected they would pretty much pick up their normal lives upon return from that Honeymoon of Part III I did not expect the life changes that came Ethan s way to involve Sam quite the way it did And while I m not generally a big fan of Fighter stories I quite enjoyed, if not he actual fight accounts, the training and strategizing that went into them, as well as the characters introduced because of this segue I expected the personal side of the relationship to continue to be explicit and intense I did not expect my definition of intense to be so challenged I have to admit to a real stretch in my personal comfort level at times, and yet this book is so skillfully and quite beautifully all about the relationship and what it means in its totality to these two loving, committed individuals Life is happening around them at a frenetic pace and they deal with it in both recognizable ways, but also in ways that fulfill them as individuals and as a couple Instead of their lifestyle being the elephant in the room, it truly becomes simply a part of their life and what they need to make it work for them.Notwithstanding, I can also honestly say that I have encountered a couple of personal Not in this Lifetimes , not to mention at least one Not ever in this plane of existence This book wraps up a foursome of Acts that represent the evolution of a couple, but it certainly also leaves the door open to them being prominent in the lives of of their friends I m looking forward to what the next Safeword Arabesque means to Cassie.I can t recommend this series enough to open minded readers as well as those readers looking for a great storyline that also challenges their knowledge and beliefs Reading doesn t get much better than this Once again I ve read this series out of order and although I find this book very well written it just wasn t a 5 star read. IMO, best Candace Blevins yet, I ve read all the previous ones This one gives us of inside Ethan , getting to know him was a treat The hot scenes were HOT Being there , rather than being told about them makes all the difference to me Kudos Candace I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.Before I sat down to write my review of Candace Blevins No Safeword Matte Happily Ever After, I made sure to have a box of tissues and a thesaurus nearby The tissues were for the tears I knew I would shed every time I remembered that this book was the last part of Samantha s Sam and Ethan s story The thesaurus was there to ensure that I could find different ways to explain the brilliance that is Ms Blevins and this series.No Safeword Matte Happily Ever After may be the ninth book in the Safeword series, but it s the fourth book focusing on Sam and Ethan Through the Matte series we have watched Sam and Ethan first meet, then fall in love, get married and enjoy their honeymoon Now we got to focus on how they are building a life together Reading Happily Ever After gave me the same bittersweet feelings I would have when my favorite television show would end I so wanted to see the next chapter in Sam and Ethan s relationship now that they were married, but I wasn t ready to say goodbye to this dynamic couple.Ms Blevins has created the most amazing people in Sam and Ethan I have read books than I should probably admit to, and I can honestly say that Sam and Ethan are in my top ten of favorite couples Each one is smart, strong willed, independent, caring and loving Yet they have managed to come together in such a way that they are so much than the sum of their parts This is due to the true genius of Ms Blevins Her ability to not only write characters that are complex and three dimensional, but also so human that I forget they are fictional, has earned my utmost respect and total admiration Happily Ever After was so beyond just a romance novel It was a look into how a relationship can and should work The love and respect Sam and Ethan had for each other were evident on every page I must admit to being envious of their ability to be forthright and honest with each other And while neither was perfect, they understood the compromise needed to make a successful relationship.Sam was an especially compelling character for me She is a successful, driven attorney She holds advanced belts in several martial art forms Yet for the right man, one who can earn her respect, she will submit Ethan is that man and I love how Sam s strength and independence are a turn on for him He loves the challenge she gives him and is never threatened by her abilities He may be her Master, but they are equals in this relationship.This would not be an accurate review if I did not mention and warn you, about the outrageous sexual scenes in this book Sam and Ethan s relationship is very heavy on the S M portion of BDSM The amount of pain and torture that Ethan gives and Sam takes is way beyond what most readers are probably used to But if you can read with an open mind and an open heart, you will see the beauty underneath the pain While I could never take the kind of pain that Sam does, I was so intrigued by their dynamics Ms Blevins takes the stereotype of a submissive being weak and completely blows it out of the water There has never been, and never will be, anything weak about Sam In fact it s her strength that is the centerpiece of their dynamic I truly believe that after reading this series, you will have a better understanding and appreciation of how strong a submissive has to be.Without giving away too many details, there is so much action going on outside of the bedroom that you will find yourself rushing through the pages to see how it all plays out But you don t have to since the title alone tells you how it all ends So savor each word because this is the end of Sam and Ethan s story Give Ms Blevins talent its due and sit back and enjoy the ride.While you could probably read Happily Ever after as a standalone, I really think you will benefit from reading all four books This way you will gain a deeper understanding of their relationship and see the full picture of how they ended up at this point in their lives Plus you ll have four fantastic books to enjoy instead of just one You will also get to meet the characters that will be featured in Ms Blevins next book Once you ve finished all four books I bet you too will mark Sam and Ethan as one of your favorite couples. 4.2 A Little than I wanted about the fights they were too involved and stretched out for me I liked there were fewer scenes, though some of these scenes were so intense I didn t know if I would get through them The wooden horse is a torture device plain and simple and it really bothers me the subs are so determined they can take some of this stuff that they put their health at risk Like Ethan using a toilet brush inside of Sam then having sex with her after this could cause infection the brush was new , making her raw to the point she probably was bleeding then having sex is an infection waiting to happen Not to mention the horrible pain And omg Tara is just pure evil her poor toy was made to endure big needles through his penis And Sam a needle through her private lips Used while she was filled with water Yea this is a book but some of these people do this in real life It s dangerous And after looking up the horse I saw so many disgusting pictures of the torture some of the subs go through how are they even still alive and I would think they are afraid of the sadist doing this than actually wanting it My question is how do you do this stuff to someone you love Like Sam likes the whipping but Ethan wants the torture why would she put up with that when she could just find a topper Good thing when she was shot she didn t have the marks because the law would have taken Ethan in even if they said it was consensual nowadays the courts can pass punishment without the partner s consent because of so many deaths at partners hands I realize this will never be my kink but it is interesting finding out how these people live And it s still a total mystery to me To each their own, I can t take away from the story just because I don t agree still pretty well written, a few grammar issues and some parts before the fights had to much info but I still think its worth a four. We get to see a softer side of Ethan when he almost loses Sam Though it doesn t take him long once she is better to go back to the heavy handed Sadist he is But at least we got to see connection between the two I think he loves her as much as he can love anyone. Although I have really enjoyed reading this series, the previous two books left me with somewhat conflicted feelings This one did not I absolutely loved this book The D s scenes in the previous two books were so intense that sometimes the love between Sam and Ethan got lost in the scene That was not the case with this book During even the most intense punishment scenes it was apparent how much they loved each other I especially like that the author allowed the reader to get in to Ethan s head during some of the scenes I had thought many times during the previous books that, even for a sadist, it must be hard to watch someone you love be in so much pain Ethan confirmed that early on with his internal battle between giving Sam the pain and discipline they both craved and being her protector This is a fairly lengthy book and occurs over a two year span During the third book of the series the author removed most of the outside stories and focused solely on Sam and Ethan s relationship In this book life resumes when they return from their honeymoon Sam gets back to work and picks back up on the Masterson case from Book 2, while Ethan begins to formulate what to do next in his fighting career Early on in the book Sam endures a significant emotional and physical trauma After seeing of Ethan the sadist in the previous two books, I loved getting to see of his nurturing side as he helps with Sam s recovery.Sam and Ethan s fighting careers are the focus of the later part of the novel Just like in the first novel, the author does a tremendous job of documenting both the training and the actual fight Two new characters, Jerrod and Miguel, become a big part of the story as their fighting coaches Both characters were good editions to the cast Training for the fights also gave a lot of opportunities for Sam and Ethan to spar with each other, which resulted in some incredibly hot moments Candice Blevins seems to be one of the most responsible writers in the BDSM genre at the moment She goes to great length to show consent and negotiation between the characters during BDSM scenes In this book there is a rape description in one chapter, and Candace was kind enough to include a link to an alternative chapter for those that are not comfortable reading about a sexual assault I was also impressed with the firearm detail she includes in this book When Sam decides to carry a weapon the author provides tremendous details on the different types of weapons, and Sam goes through a series of training classes before carrying a weapon If you have made it this far in the series, you really need to read this final book It is the best yet. This is without a doubt the best thing that Candace Blevins has written to date Honestly, you could take most of the kink away and still have a very exciting and fully developed novel, but luckily for us she includes at least as much of the very edgy SM that we have come to rely on her for Speaking of fully developed, obviously this is not the first book starring Sam and Ethan, and there are cameo appearances from some of the characters from her other books We learn about these characters, however, and a number of other characters are introduced No cardboard cutouts as so many authors reduce their secondary characters to these are all real and interesting people In addition, several characters cry out for a book of their own maybe than one As you will see at the end of the book, she has announced an upcoming book involving two of them.I have always been amazed at the extent of Candace s technical knowledge shown in previous books, whether it is electricity, painting, computer programming, graphics, or something else In this book the world of cage fighting and mixed martial arts is integral to the book, and makes you wonder if she knew all this stuff before she started writing, or if she does in depth research instead of eating and sleeping I am not a big fan of boxing or karate matches which are the closest I have ever seen to the kind of much skilled and extreme fighting described here but found my heart pounding during the various fights Scary exciting to me and very rewarding in the end.I should mention, as she herself warns us, that there is a rape scene referred to but not written in as part of the sequence of events in the book It is not the least bit eroticized but presented as the unspeakable crime that it is She has also done a wonderful job of providing an alternative downloadable chapter for those with rape triggers I wish all authors could be so sensitive.Anyone who has read any of Candace s books previously will love this, but if you haven t read Safeword Matte and Safeword Matte In Training, followed by No Safeword Matte The Honeymoon you really should do so in the order given above before reading this Each is a novel in and of itself, but you will get a lot out of the books if read in sequence P.S I was given this book for free in exchange for an honest review To tell the truth I would have happily paid for it, so all of what I wrote above was sincere If you knew me you would know that if I could find something to criticize or carp about, I would have `Free Kindle ⇻ No Safeword Matte: Happily Ever After (Safeword, #8) ↠ The honeymoon is over and it s time for Sam and Ethan to start the rest of their lives togetherFate has been kind to the couple so far, but can their luck hold out Is their relationship strong enough to withstand the challenges ahead Fasten your seat belts and hang onto your hats for the final installment in the Matte series