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( Download Epub ) µ One Hidden Stuff ó Using long lined, imaginative leaps to connect the everyday with the miraculous, the intimate with the visionary, Barbara Ras s poems surge across the page like waves crashing on a beach She crafts the forty one new poems in this collection with a zany and spacious cunning that reaches from family to community, from what s cherished to what s lost, from culture to nature Amazing Simply amazing She writes long lines, but all the words are necessary She says things I wish I had the courage to say, but it s not just honesty she sees the obvious in the unobvious And this line How many memories can I stand, crime dreams and childhood, My favorite my people come from dirt The poems are a joy to read. A stunning collection, from the road tripping Clouds, to the pared down Song, Ras s poems all sing in the best ways possible Her arc, the movement, the ultra personal tone This book is a poetic dance, to be celebrated