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[[ Read E-pub ]] ô Pascal's Wager (VeriTalks) ß VeriTalks Volume , Pascal s Wager, is adapted from The Veritas Forum at the University of Oklahoma inon the sixteenth anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing In it, Ray Barfield, pediatric oncologist at Duke University School of Medicine and Christian philosopher at Duke Divinity School, leads readers through a series of questions Why am I here Why are things the way they are What if there s to grapple with the ultimate question What is it to be human Casting Blaise Pascal s classic wager in new terms, Barfield challenges us to love deeply, wager boldly and live fullyEach volume in the VeriTalks series is a transcription of a live Veritas Forum talk and audience QA interspersed with discussion questions to deepen your engagement with the material, ideally in the company of friends