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[ Read Pdf ] ☳ Prides of Sol ♤ The Prides of Sol, the third novel in a series by the same name, continues the story begun in A Nepenthean Solution, and extended with The Flight of the Solar ArchangelIn this chronicle, mankind has endured a thousand years of adversity After the initial conflict in the twenty first century, civilization began a long, slow collapse By the twenty fifth, Earth had been reduced to a barren, desolate wasteland a small remnant of society remaining, and it under constant assault by the invader Solar Archangel an eleventh hour attempt to find salvation succeeds and the enemy phalanx withers under nuclear fire In the five following peaceful centuries mankind has recovered, and rebuilt The human spirit burns bright and the Earth flourishesBut, it s not over Again, the Oo ahan Hegemony approaches No longer in stealth, no longer with covert agents and subterfuge This time it s a two pronged assault An enemy within and a massive armada of invincible ships, now assembling deep in space destination SolMaybe there s hope yet, for Sam Weber is back A man of few words a thousand year old warrior who has seen and done it all now underground in search of an age old enemy lair The Hunter Brigade is gone, but in its place, Weber leads the RECON units of the Solar MarinesAdam Devery is back, and he has changed Tempered in the forge of battle during the Grim War, tutored by the best of the best, he now commands three corps of Solar MarinesStan Wozniak is back as head of state in the island nation of Avalon, situated on the Cape Verde Islands Like the myth of old, Avalon provides the spark of light to kindle the dawn of New Earth It leads humanity back from the brink and upward to the stars It provides the starships, the FTL drive, and the men and women to take the battle to the enemy Ed Baylor is back Recovered from radiation sickness and the mental malaise that crippled him five hundred years before, he is a high ranking officer in the Avalon Navy, charged with running the Naval Flight AcademyWes Safford returns as the Grand Admiral leading two fleets into space to meet the ancient enemy in defense of Earth, to destroy him and end the endless warAdela Simmons is back Out of the Army and into the Navy A flight officer of exceptional skill what else would one expect Small of stature and gutsy as hell An ace with an attitude This is her story, a twisting path through a personal perdition One that brings her face to face with the most powerful of the enemy takes her far from Earth, and back to the ancient roots of humanity To a new world, with a new future There s no looking backIn Prides of Sol, we learn of the Danua who had seeded Earth, and of the long dormant city of Mu rias on Danu in the Tir Na n Og system The circle is now complete, for humankind has reseeded DanuThe Children of Danu, Part One, tells of the origins of the circle and hints at the future