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( FREE PDF ) ☺ Remembering Who We Are: A Treasury of Conservative Commencement Addresses ⚖ The perfect gift for graduates thirty commencement addresses about liberty, patriotism, tradition, and other conservative themes that are rarely heard on campusThe college graduation speech has become another casualty of our age of political correctness Historically, universities are supposed to be strongholds of tolerance, where any idea can be discussed and tested rigorously to see if it has merit Students should benefit from free expression and diversity of opinions, about current events and eternal questions alikeBut today, certain positions are considered too controversial for the fragile ears of liberal students, and for administrators who usually surrender to their demands It s no longer unusual when a US Senator like Ted Cruz, a pioneering neurosurgeon like Ben Carson, a Supreme Court Justice like Antonin Scalia, or a human rights advocate like Ayaan Hirsi Ali faces protests, disrespectful shouting, or petitions to have his or her invitation revokedFortunately,Remembering Who We Are collects the commencement wisdom of a wide range of thinkers who are willing to challenge the liberal consensus on campus Editor Zev Chafets has brought together a diverse group of speakers from many walks of life, from playwright David Mamet to Ambassador Ryan Crocker, from Governor Bobby Jindal to humorist PJ O Rourke For example, you ll find in these pages Do Your Best to Be Your Best by Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas Gridlock, An American Achievement by columnist George F Will We Have Something Wonderful by novelist Marilynne Robinson The Art of the Entrepreneur by business leader Mort Zuckerman Restore and Remake Our Country by historian Victor Davis HansonToo many students now enter the real world after being taught that patriotism is misguided, that religious faith is for the foolish, and that free enterprise is unfair The eloquent speeches in this collection will help them grasp the truth that America is flawed but fundamentally good that faith can have intellectual depth that capitalism is the world s greatest force for fighting poverty and much From the Hardcover edition