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#FREE DOWNLOAD Ä Rudy Giuliani: Emperor of the City ê During his reign as the mayor of New York, the controversial Giuliani has been called many names But after September New York had new words to descibe himIn this riveting and updating edition, political reporter Andrew Kirtzman tells the story of Giuliani s tireless mission to cleanup, control, shape, and most recently heal New York City I really enjoy Andrew Kirtzman s biographies They read like novels, and they have a pretty good balance between the salacious and the truly important, factual details This gave a good background of Giuliani s rise to power and how he clashed with others within the NYC power structure. A fascinating biography of Giuliani without his cooperation which was written prior to the September 11th attacks The book covers the time between his first, unsuccessful, run for Mayor through his withdrawal from the US Senate race against Hillary Clinton.