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.Read Pdf ⚕ Scion of Midnight (Daizlei Academy Book 2) ♵ Secrets Everyone has them, and mine bind me so tightly they suffocate, but despite all Ive done to stay hiddensomeone knows They are hunting me Haunting me If theyre not careful though, that someone is about to end up dead, because some secrets are better left buried Six feet underMy name is Selena Foster, and I am the first of my kind in a millennium I thought that made me invincible Untouchable All it really makes me is a targetor a weaponThe Supernatural Council is going to war, and what better spear than the girl that can slay demons So they blackmail me, and I am property of the CouncilThey think they own me, but you cant own what you cant controlBooks in the Daizlei Academy Series Heir of Shadows BookTrial by Heist BookScion of Midnight BookQueen of Lies BookUntitled Book