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@Read Book ä Sex And Spirit: An Illustrated Guide To Sacred Sexuality ⚡ This lavishly visual book traces sexuality throughout history Drawing on a range of traditions and cultures, it explores the many ways human sexuality is entwined with the personal search for meaningSex and Spirit begins with an account of ancient beliefs and sexual practices, and goes on to examine the attitudes of the world s main religions toward sex It looks at the dominant influence of Christianity on sex and spirituality in the West and delves into erotic symbols and taboos One chapter focuses on sexual techniques for spiritual transcendence, while other sections discuss fertility, virginity, initiation, pornography, and loveRichly illustrated with contemporary and historical art, Sex and Spirit features erotic carvings, bedchamber books, and photos of sexual practices from around the world Found this gem at our library A good read, since it shows the many faces of sexuality from different cultures Very interesting and educational Read with an open mind, for some practices are highly different from what we know of the norm.