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Meh 2,5 stars I picked this book up from a charity shop, the synopsis sounded interesting and I thought it would be good to have on standby To my amazement, by page 2 I was hooked! I didn't realise it was a young adult book, but in some ways it reminded me of Fuse, Delirium or Divergent The difference for me, is that Siberia is almost believable; it is a possible future that could be closer than we think; it''s 21st century meets scifi meets World War 2.and I loved it Being a short novel, I read it over 2 nights Brilliant heroine and great scenery, a full 5/5 from me :) A modern fairy tale which makes you feel a little bit magical and about 8 years old again. excellent! i think the GOP and Trump should read this cautionary tale of a dystopian , global warming society. My first impression of this book is that it is not well written Much of the grammar seemed off, but to such a large extent that I'm guessing Siberia wasn't originally published in America Aside from that though, I felt many of the sentences were weak, there were loose ends that sort of floated around, and the book was generally confusing Also, parenthesis should not be that prevalent, not if it's a wellwritten novel There was some brilliant passages, where the talent of the author really shown through, but those excerpts were few and far between There was an entire paragraph about following your heart, a cliche that had absolutely no relevance to the rest of the book And the entire end of Rescue City? Way too rushed and anticlimactic, not to mention cliche (view spoiler)[ And What'shisname was in love with her mom? Really? Why was that cliche needed? What purpose did it serve? (hide spoiler)] Dystopic YA novel Great main character. I don't how I felt about this book I liked the Lindquists, although the idea was very strange and certainly isn't possible, yet.Not sure I liked the main character though, and it had, what I felt, was a pretty sudden ending. Again, she combines heavy ideas (extinction, genetic engineering) with action, but again I'm not sure about the pace. &Download Ebook ↚ Siberia ⇫ When Sloe was tiny, her Papa disappeared and she and her mama went to live in a prison camp in the snowy north, in a time and place when there are no wild animals Mama’s crime: teaching science, and her dedication to the hope that the lost animal species can be reborn To Sloe, Mama’s secret work is magic, as enchanting as Mama’s tales of a bright city across the ice where they will be free Years later, Sloe is sent to a prison school, and Mama disappears At , Sloe escapes, pursued by a mysterious man With only hope to keep her going, Sloe sets out on a solitary mile journey But she is not truly alone for Mama left Sloe a gift: the seeds of five missing species and the knowledge to bring them to lifeFrom the Hardcover edition This was interesting Quick paced, fairly easy to read. This book was not what I expected Although the story grabbed my attention and kept me engaged, I found it difficult to picture the events as they unfolded The author's attempt to describe the animals without using their actual names seemed insincere I would have preferred to watch this as a film.