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( Free Pdf ) ⚖ So You Want to Be a Mortgage Broker ☪ So you want to be a mortgage broker Or maybe you re not sure yetLet s imagine a littleImagine a world, where you are your own master You have the time to do whatever you wishYou have the ability to live up to your true potentialNo limits, no barriers No handicaps or favoritism or discrimination Nothing can hold you backYou can be as successful as you wish Your income is only limited by your desireNo menial labor required You can work whenever you want, wherever you wish No time clocks to punch or bosses to bother youYou can have a respectable white collar universe Computers, paper, and air conditioned offices are your domain High finance is your gameYour market is virtually unlimited Everyone wants and needs your product money And they will do what it takes to get itBut you don t need any money to get started, you have nothing to risk The money belongs to someone else, and you make money by helping them distribute itNo formal education is required Just be yourself, and through honesty and integrity you can succeed