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I loved this whole series But this last book wasn t like the others and I must say, I didn t like it as much. My least favorite of the series, but also the most challenging Yes, as others have noted this one isthan a little strange But if you roll with it you begin to see the points and parallels the author is creating and those are both challenging and painful in their familiarity This isn t really a fun read, but if you re open to it can open up a very deep dialog with the Lord, which is what makes it a good book #FREE EBOOK ¹ Streiker's Morning Sun ê Welcome to Beaconville It s a suspicious, unfriendly little town suspended in a dreary, bone chilling winter But when reclusive Dallas billionaire Fletcher Streiker receives a rambling letter from one of the residents asking for help, he decides to make a personal trip, bringing his wife, Adair, and their young son, Daniel The citizens react with predictable hostility when Fletcher shows a little too much interest and insight into their doings Inexplicable things begin to happen, such as pieces from Adair s past showing up around town However, when Fletcher pushes the townspeople a little too far, she and Daniel are left on their own And the only way they can leave the only way anyone can leave is on Fletcher s train, the Morning Sun The Streiker Saga begins with Streiker s Bride, continues in Streiker The Killdeer, and concludes in Streiker s Morning Sun This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Very strange story It definitely gives you a sense of urgency about sharing the gospel, but it felt a little off I didn t enjoy it much All I have to say is wait what I did not understand what the point of this was First it s a dream then it s not Huh This trilogy is a must read for any woman, young or old This is the last book in the trilogy and by far the strangest, but it is absolutely worth reading and as with any book, you can t stop at the end You HAVE to read the epilogue afterward It s worth every second This is the second time I ve read through these books and I plan to read them again in the future they re that good This is a Christian Fiction Allegory I thought it was very good, an interesting perspective, and a fun read Both the story and the behind the scenes meanings were great This one was a little wierd. Great book series I liked how Fletcher was in this bookIt made sense why he wasn t in books 1 and 2 but as I was reading them, I felt like I wanted to hearfrom his character While number 3 is a good book, it loses a star because the plot twists seem like they came out of thin air The one at the end made sense, but only once you finished the book All in all, I totally reccomend this book. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here I like how this ties everything up at the end, though this was not my favorite out of the trilogy Some parts did seem a bit contrived to me and didn t quite follow the original narrative I was relieved to learn that most of it was a dream.