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3.5 starsOriginally published on my blog on March 27, 2015First of all, I d like to thank Oxford University Press Children s Books and Netgalley for giving me a chance to read this book ahead of time As a huge Joss Stirling fan, I can t thank you enough I ll start by saying this I highly recommend Joss Stirling s books I ve read them all, so I can honestly tell you they reall great fun, with swoony characters and engaging plots You get sucked right into them, and they tend to keep you captive until you re done with them.Sting is the second book in her Struck series, which deals with teenage spies from the Young Detective Agency also known as YDA Which makes them Yodas That amuses me, for some reason I can t help quirk a smile every time one of the agents says he s a yoda. I received a copy from Netgalley, In exchange for an honest review The characters in this were alright, but I didn t love any of them.The first book in the series took a while to get going While this one didn t take quite as long, It still took a fairly long time By the time it got going, I wasn t very interested in it, and after a few chapters, I lost interest completely Overall, Not a series I ve enjoyed very much unfortunately. #DOWNLOAD E-PUB ⛄ Stung á Stung by Joss Stirling is a breathtaking romantic thriller from the bestselling author of Finding Sky.Sixteen year old Kate has a talent for disappearing Framed for murder, and hunted by a violent gang, she s running for her life.Nathan is the young recruit tasked with finding Kate before her enemies track her down He s determined to stay detached no matter what But when Nathan and Kate s paths collide, neither is prepared for the electricity that sparks between them.As the net tightens, can they trust each other long enough to stay alive Or will their next kiss be their last 3.5 starsNot as good as the first in this series but I still enjoyed it A nice easy read. 3.5 starsI really do love a good mystery novel Joss Stirling has a knack of spinning a tale that you have no idea what is coming next She writes characters that you will love, though I have to admit things between Nate and Kate were a bit too instant love for me Still, plenty of realistic action, figuring out the mystery along with the characters and fun dialogues to keep you entertained.With Stung the dynamic between Kate and Nathan was very interesting He s tasked with bringing her in, and it seems that he isn t completely over his little crush on her Kate s first reaction on the other hand is to get as far away from him as she possibly can The girl definitely doesn t take it easy on him During this cat and mouse game, Nathan finds out that not all is as clear cut as he would have liked The threat this time comes from two sides, and it becomes a race to get to Kate first The banter in the beginning between the two main characters was one of my favourite parts Though once they go all lovey dovey on each other, that dims a lot unfortunately It does give Nathan the opportunity to show his worth, and he is a great guy you can rely on I could understand that trust wasn t easy for Kate, and I can not blame her It was interesting to see how this changed during the story, for her to realise that she s not so alone as she thought she was.Strung was a great second novel in the Struck series I liked the fact that we got to know about the work these young people do, what it exactly entails and the consequences of those missions Nathan and Kate were good characters I do favourite Nathan a bit , because it was clear how much effort he was putting into it and I felt that Kate at times could have cut him of a break.I hope this isn t the last book in the series and I m curious who s story we re going to read next I received a copy through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review I would like to start with a thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for allowing me an advanced reading of the book I really enjoyed it and I m glad I was given the chance to read it.I should probably admit that upon requesting to read the book I was unaware that it was the second in a series However, the book works perfectly fine as a standalone novel From what I can gather at looking at the first book in the series, the first is an introduction to the establishment and tells the story of different characters although they are characters who appear in this book To be honest, I m now interested in reading the first and I believe it may have served me well to have read it before reading this book, yet as I said this one also works well as a standalone novel.Overall, it s a great idea An establishment which works with teenagers fighting crime what teenager who loves crime fiction hasn t imagined themselves in such a position Our story follows Kate, who has returned to the UK after a mishap on her mission The specifics of what went down although you do know in what way things went badly are hidden from us until quite late in the book which at first had me questioning whether I had needed to read the prior book yet such turned out not to be the case I m not quite sure how I feel about the specifics that were given I was expecting things to be much worse but overall they played in well with the novel It s the good old it is not as bad as it could be in this regard.One thing I will say is that the insta love was somewhat annoying between the two It may well be that the crush spoken of throughout the book was than I was made to believe, but in my eyes such was not the case I understand that there would be some lust in a high risk situation involving a duo whose hormones control their actions, but the way things played out seemed to be too much for me After all, who would spend a romantic day on the beach when they re being chased down Fictional it may be, but I prefer my reading to ring true to some degree and this did not.Nevertheless, it was a thoroughly enjoyable book and I m certainly interested in reading the prior book to find out about the establishment and to possibly correct any errors in my view of how things played out. Joss Stirling is one of my favourite UK authors and I m always excited when she has a new book out I adore her Soulfinders series but I m turning into an equally big fan of the titles in her new Young Detective Agency series Last year s Storm and Stone renamed Struck was a brilliant read and I was hopeful that she would write another instalment My wishes were granted with Stung which follows two other members of the team, Nathan and Kate, as they find themselves in danger and on the run.The story was really exciting, with Nathan tasked with bringing Kate in However, she is not the easiest person to apprehend and keeps him well and truly on his toes, as he tries to hunt her down I thought the relationship between the two was great, with a kind of love hate vibe going on in the beginning, until Kate comes to realise that Nathan is on her side and will do anything to help protect her I didn t feel the romance between them as much as I had previously done with Raven and Kieran but I think that was in keeping with the overall storyline, which was about the mystery behind what had happened to Kate and why she was on the run, rather than focusing on the two falling for each other I did prefer Nathan as a character to Kate, but I think that s partly due to the fact that Kate was on the defensive most of the time, so didn t reveal quite so much about herself Nathan on the other hand was terribly sweet and also extremely likeable I loved the mystery and action of the plot and the sense of danger that lurked the whole way through the story I found the ending really gripping and packed full of thrilling moments This was another winning read for me and I m dying for Joss Stirling to continue the series What will happen next Thank God, this is soo much better than the first one Storm and Stone Throughout the entire novel I was dying to know who betrayed Kate back in Indonesia I caught myself not trusting anybody but her, Nate, Rave and Kieran Sweet Jesus, I started getting crazy not knowing whom to trust I honestly bet on edgy Damien and sweet Julian a lot of times, and also Isaac s asssistant, Ms Mac For a very short period of time, I also thought Nate s Das Jim might be behind all of it Guess you have to see for yourself It is at first very challenging to get into it, I have to admit it It is still a given thing that as opposed to the savant series givey you a bit of a hard time feeling it But after the first third I caught myself not being able to put it aside even for so much as getting to the bathroom Honestly, who could not love Nate He is cute but also very masculine which makes him just the perfect match for shy but tough KAte He has had a cursh on her ever since he layed eyes on her which was probably the biggest incentive for Nate to actually give Kate the opportunity to proove her mistrust in the YDA system He cares for her and understands her in every way, giving her the reassurance she needs not to bolt again.This makes me want to straight dive into the next books Guess I have to read the other 20 something books on my trp first asdfghjkl ANOTHER BOOK YUS.Yus.Yus.Yus.Yus.Yus.Yus.Yus.Yus.Yus intense Fangurling dies reincarnates Continues with fangurling The book was quite amusing but I didn t like the relationship between Kate and Nathan at all I mean, when they knew each other for like, 3 days, they already said they loved each other It just didn t work for me