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`Read Epub ô Tales From The Köntlicher Institute õ The K ntlicher pronounced k n li shay Institute is affiliated with a major Midwestern University, and dedicated solely to the study of heterosexual relationships disrupted by apparently aberrant behavior by the female partner Almost lost among the numerous research studies in the field of sexual pathology we sometimes find real works of art This book, published by the pioneering K ntlicher Institute chronicles the perverse pleasures of women who seemingly damage their happy marriages to men in order to derive intense sexual pleasures with other women Three couples Edward and Molly, Mark and Samantha, and Paul and Susan are referenced in this particular work, each different in their status, upbringing and so forth, but sharing some factors in common, primarily the seemingly self involved lesbian nature of the innocent female participants who succumb to an entirely understandable temptation The reader is warned that this academic tome almost resembles a cheap erotic novel in the shockingly flagrant terms and situations that it unflinchingly reveals It is NOT suitable for use in high school or lower grade level sexual education classes